Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where do I begin?

This is my first time experimenting with something like this. I'm still not sure if I want people to read what I write because when I write, I am honest. Somehow, words I am not able to say out loud, I am able to write.

I could start from the beginning and write about my past...but I no longer feel that is what best represents me. I used to let my past define me, but I am learning that it is the moment that defines who I am. The choices I make right now are what matters! Someday I will make a trip back to the past.

I want to be able to look back on this blog and remember life, and let life glorify God. This is going to be my memorial to living in the moment. I will not always be a nineteen year old college student with great friends and in love with my boyfriend. I know life will not always be this easy, but I always want to appreciate what I've been given and where I'm at in my journey.

I also hope this blog will become a journal of what God is teaching me. No, I do not claim to be a perfect Christian and I do not want to be that person who brags of their walk with God. My relationship with God is as simple as this: God loves me and I am in love with him. He is the only one who has been with me through all of life and understands me. I want to learn from Him all that I can and share Him with everyone that I can.

I read yesterday in Matthew 24:12 "The love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved".

I want to stand firm to the end.

God teach me what it means to stand firm in my love for you

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