Monday, January 10, 2011


Every once in a while, I let myself get overwhelmed by everything that goes into this wedding. There are so many details and expenses that if I think about it too much, I get stressed out. 

What is stress really? What can be done about it? A lot of times, I think I stress myself out because it is me being anxious!

I think it's good to sometimes just stop thinking about all the things I have to do and just focus on God for a minute. He must smile as we run around stressed out, trying to accomplish everything. Is God really going to give us more to do than we have time for? Honestly, He is the ultimate time manager...he created the whole world in 6 days! With him on my side...anything can get done:)

Focusing on God also helps me put things in perspective. How important is the color of the rose petals when looking at the big picture? 

The peace that comes from a moment alone with God is far greater than one that comes from accomplishing a task. Even Jesus took time to spend with God-and he Is God! Luke 5:16 "But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed". Sometimes I hesitate to put a hold on my busy schedule to talk to God, and I think that stresses me out more because there is that longing inside of me for time with Him.

How much sweeter it is to know that God wants to talk with me too:) He wants to take all that stress and anxiousness and assure me that He's got it all under control!

Thank you Father for your love that never ends...even when I sometimes put you on on the side, you remain faithful. I love You because you loved me first. Thank you that You don't NEED me to accomplish anything, but you WANT to use me to fulfill your purposes. It is a privilege to be chosen and loved by You.

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