Friday, February 25, 2011

So many decisions!

So many decisions to make about hotels, wedding bands, invitations, and the honeymoon! There's too many options and that makes it difficult. Sometimes I wonder how a person's even supposed to make a decision about these things! I've spent a lot of time online researching today because there was no school:)

Yesterday Jimmy was a very sweet fiancĂ©. One of my car tires (which are very old and worn out) got a huge crack in it and everyone told me not to drive on it because it looked like it was going to blow. Well being the stubborn girl I am, I was going to drive it to get it fixed just 20 minutes away. Jimmy was so worried about me that he took off work, came to my school and drove my car to get it fixed. He even paid for it! I'm so thankful for such a great guy to look out for me:)

Tonight me and Jimmy get a date night FINALLY! It seems like we both have such busy schedules that we don't really get a lot of time just the two of us. It's his birthday tomorrow so we'll celebrate that tonight too! Tomorrow we are going to work on the new church building where our wedding ceremony is going to be. Believe me, it needs a lot of work before May rolls around...

This is a photo we took at the tux shop while Jimmy was modeling the different tuxes...
78 days till we get married:) 

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