Tuesday, February 22, 2011

wedding planning!

Looking back, I've posted a lot of what I have been learning, but I haven't really given an update on my life, so here goes! 

Wedding planning is at the top of my list right now even though I haven't really had too much time for it. In between work, school, and friends I've been making reservation phone calls, buying little things here and there, and shopping around for the best prices. If there's anything I've learned from watching my friends get married, it's to not stress out or make a big deal out of the little things.

I think culture places a lot of pressure on brides to impress, compete, and live up to people's expectations, and I will be the first to admit it is really easy to get sucked into that. Sometimes I too forget what my wedding day is really about and start to stress out about food, flowers etc. When it really comes down to it, May 14 does not have to be the prettiest day of the year, the fanciest wedding, or even the most fun wedding, it just has to be the most memorable for me and Jimmy. It's the beginning of our life together...that's all that really matters.

Over the weekend, I went with Jimmy's family to Indianapolis for his brother's wrestling tournaments. Even though we spent about 20 hours watching wrestling, it was still a good bonding time:) Now it's back to a week of classes, work, homework, and everything else that seems to pop up! I guess it's life! 

 Jimmy and I watching wrestling...after a few hours you can tell we're a little bored:)
2 of Jimmy's sisters, sister-in-law, and me on top of a sky scraper! We climbed over 300 stairs to get there!


  1. Faith!! I absolutely LOVE your blog. I will most definietly keep reading it. I love hearing about your heart and your journey in your walk with our Heavenly Father! I'm praying for you and look forward to seeing you and meeting Jimmy!!
    love and besitos!!

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