Monday, March 28, 2011

47 days!

The knot so kindly reminded me this afternoon that I have 47 days until I become Mrs. Konrath and have 113 things to do before that day!

As can be assumed from my week long absence of a post, I do not have a lot of time so I will summarize this post with a quote I read in a book by Elisabeth Elliot. It is in regards to being a wife-something I am reading up on:) 
Here is my added to version of it:

"Contentment is by no means to be found in any job, man, family, wealth-in ditch digging or in the office of a CEO-anymore than in the kitchen cooking or being a stay at home mom. Real satisfaction and joy come in response to acceptance of the will of God and nowhere else."

So true isn't it? This is something that God has really been working on in me. Sometimes I look at someone else and feel discontent with my life in comparison with theirs when REALLY, contentment with my life is not dependent on my circumstances is a choice that I make to accept what God has blessed me with! And God truly has blessed me. I have a wonderful fiancĂ©, an education, a job, great friends, a supportive church and a loving family! It's kind of great when you put it that way isn't it:)

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