Thursday, March 10, 2011


This won't be long because I am trying to get busy studying for the Praxis 2...I'm taking it saturday and have not really don't much studying for it at all!
I got to go home this last week and had 2 bridal showers! It was so much fun. The showers made everything seem so much more real! I'm getting married!! I got a lot of cooking and cleaning stuff...for MY house:) It's such a crazy thought, but I love it!
I was able to get almost everything done for the invitations this week. Jimmy helped me seal the edges tonight, and I will hopefully start addressing them tomorrow! Everything takes up so much time. 
It was so good to be home and just see all the people and things I missed, like my family and friends, the cows, the farm, the snow (there was still a lot of it!), savers, unique, panda express, raising canes, Cub foods etc. I have so many memories there I will never forget.
This was one of the hardest times for me to say goodbye to my family. I know that it seems like I'm never really homesick, but it's still hard to leave everything that I love. Every other time I've left, there has always been a possibility that I will come back someday. This time was the last time before I get married and the realization that I'm never going back to Minnesota really hit me. It's hard to be so far away.
I am excited, though, to start my life here with Jimmy. God has really blessed us with wonderful friends and family here and I know that as we continue to live in His will, he will provide for us! That is a great feeling:)

                                             Just a few photos from the shower:
Me and my beautiful sisters
Me and grandpa and grandma
Me and mom and dad

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