Thursday, June 23, 2011

Married life

It's great! I love love love being married:) Part of the reason being that God has blessed me with an amazing husband who takes such good care of me. I really do feel blessed. 
Time has gone by so fast since the 14th of May. Since then we have already made a lot of adjustments. Everything is so new and just crazy! 

We looked at a house for the first time a few weeks ago. We can't afford one yet, but we decided to start looking around. It made me feel so grown up:) 

Next Tuesday I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out. This has been a big issue for us to trust God with because I don't have dental insurance. They have been hurting me for weeks now though and we found a place in Huntingburg that is a lot cheaper. I'm not getting put to sleep though so pray I don't freak out! I'm sure everything will be fine. 

Tomorrow is my last day working at OCU until school starts again. It wasn't worth my time to drive all the way there and back making minimum wage. Dr. White offered me a job caring for his elderly mother with Alzheimers so I will start that on Monday. 

Other than that just enjoying life with my husband! I love coming home from work and just being able to spend the evening with him, whether it's going to the gym, renting a movie, or even playing blackcops:) 
I couldn't be happier. I'm so thankful to Jesus for the life He's blessed me with! 

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