Friday, September 30, 2011

Date Nights!

Go out for pizza and have them cut it heart shaped. What??? 

Belive it or not, that is the first date idea on the most popular date night idea website. I'm sorry, but the fact that I would get less pizza just for the sake of it being a heart is honestly upsetting to me!

Well because of lame date ideas on the internet, I have been inspired to start a weekly Date Night post!

 In spite of our busy schedules, Jimmy and I have recently started to have a date night every Thursday night. Since we live in a small town with nothing to do and are on a tight budget, this has it's challenges. However, we are creatively finding fun ways to spend time together. From now on, as an inspiration to other married couples, I will dedicate my Friday blogging to sharing our date nights with you. That means no more heart shaped pizza runs!! None. That's too cheesy!

Date night Friday's will include:
-date ideas
-a good movie
-a fun recipe
-or just something new I've learned about being married!
Sound like fun? Let's get started:)

What did we do last night? Well, last night Jimmy surprised me with a picnic (don't worry, I packed the food:) Did I mention that Jimmy doesn't cook? Yes he tried heating up a corndog last week and then complained about how it exploded and was like beef jerky. Just one of the many things I love about my husband!
Anyways, I packed a picnic of noodle salad, hamburgers, chips, and muffins and I even brought a romantic! 

Well as you will find, even perfectly planned dates don't usually end up being perfect...unless you are just one of those people and in that case why are you even reading my blog? Either way, things go wrong for Jimmy and I all the time, and as it happened this time, the road we needed to get to the lake we were going to was closed. 
Being the stupid adventuresome girl that I am, I suggested we try to go down the road anyways, but God blessed me with a logical husband who often saves me from myself. Needless to say, we did not go down the closed road.

Now this was a perfect opportunity for us to start fighting, call the date a failure and go home. Instead we took a nice little drive through the country talking with each other until we eventually found a little pond out in the middle of nowhere. We grabbed our picnic basket and fishing poles and had a great time together eating, fishing, and just laying in the dark watching the storm roll in. It was a beautiful night!

Yeah, it's really nothing special, but when you are with someone special it means a whole lot!

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