Friday, September 23, 2011

Old car!

I've had my 1997 Honda Acccord for 3 and a half years now. Even though it's broken down on me and I've had my share of problems, I'm going to miss my beautiful car. Over the past 3 years, it's taken me to Minnesota and back over 10 times, Georgia, Tennessee, and wherever else I needed to go. I put almost 100,000 miles on it! So what was so great about my Honda? Well...
-The muffler is held up with an old hanger, duct tape and zip ties.
-It's missing both blinkers on one side.
- The oil dip stick is held together with a zip tie and goop.
-I have to press 6 buttons just to turn the radio on.
-The air conditioning knob has been missing since I bought it
...and I liked it that way!
-The front hood is dented up from a deer hitting it. And sometimes it doesn't latch properly. 
Anyone remember when I used to hold it closed with a ratchet strap? Yeah those were my cool days...
-And then there's the culprit that backed into my car and drove off leaving this.
I will find you whoever did it! 
 -Last but not least, there is a distinguishable noise that my car makes to let people know it's around. 
So now you understand why it was a little hard for me to get rid of it. However, the girl who bought it was the same age as me and already loved the car just as much as I do! It's hers now. But I'm going to miss it.

Here is what I get to drive now! 
It looks almost like my Honda except no dents:)
Isn't it pretty? 
It's a 99 Toyota Corolla and will hopefully get up to 38 mpg!
Yeah I'm loving that!

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