Saturday, October 29, 2011

Date Night #5

This Thursday we moved our date night to Friday because we had a busy day at the hospital visiting our new nephew Daxton Ryan Konrath!

 Tony, Holly, and Dax
Me holding Dax!
Isn't he cute:)

We also had a few friends we needed to spend some time with that evening, so we spent some date night time together on Friday night instead! It's important to be flexible with date night, but remember it's usually a good idea to schedule life around date night, rather than the other way around. 

Jimmy knew that I had been wanting to go to the river for a long time, so Friday night we went and got some fast food and took it to the river! We didn't stay long because it was kind of chilly outside, but we found a big driftwood log we sat on overlooking the river and watched the boats go by! It was a fun time cuddling and talking together!

On our drive there and back, we listened to Focus on the Family podcasts that I had downloaded on ITunes. It's like a free marriage conference...and we like free:) The podcasts have a lot of great advice and challenges for young married couples and even couples who have been married a while. We both learned a lot just by listening to the experiences of other couples. It's great to hear that something you have been through in your relationship is something that other couples have dealt with too! They were fun to listen to!

You can download the podcasts for free by typing Focus on the Family into the ITunes podcast search bar. 
You can also visit Focus on the Family's marriage website for great articles on marriage and the family!

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