Friday, October 7, 2011

Date Night #2

Date night requires creativity. Sometimes after a long week or a hard day, creativity (not to mention energy) is lacking. We usually try to go to Evansville or just get out of the wonderful small town of Princeton, but this time, we had a close to home date. It was fun though because we tried something new and played tennis together. Last weekend, I found 2 tennis rackets at a garage sale for a dollar and we stopped at the store for some tennis balls. See, dating can be cheap:)

Not going to lie. It started out really rough. I have never played tennis before and for those of you who know me, my coordination is slightly off. In fact, I will share an embarrassing part of the night.  We had been there for about 15 minutes and some other people had come to play on the other half of the court. Well I was just getting into the game when Jimmy hit the ball really hard. I bravely went for it, and as the ball connected with my racket, the ball went flying….and so did my racket, onto the other side of the court. I am sure I looked ridiculous! lol

We had fun with it though and finally were able to hit the ball back and forth. I never realized what a workout tennis is. Seriously. I was sweating!  It was great to be doing something fun together. After tennis, we got a cheap snack and went to see the movie Moneyball. Yeah I know movies are expensive and these are supposed to be cheap date examples, but sometimes breaking rules is okay;)

So get creative for your dates! Try something together that you've not tried, and who knows, it may end up being your new hobby. Remember, going on a date isn't always about trying to find something glamorous or super fun to do, it's about taking time out of your busy stressful life to just spend time together and be reminded of your love. Good luck and don't forget to join me again next Friday!

“Life was about spending time together, about having the time to walk together holding hands, talking quietly as the sun go down. It wasn't glamorous, but it was, in many ways, the best that life has to offer. Wasn't that how the old saying went? Who, on their deathbed, ever said they wished they had worked harder? Or spent less time enjoying a quiet afternoon? Or spent less time with their family?” 

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