Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween with a purpose

This year is my first year handing out candy to trick or treater's! If you can't tell, I am very excited about it:) Last night, we had a few kids come by and every time they knocked on the door it scared me! Tonight may be terrifying...

 I've been reading a lot of different opinions on facebook about Christians celebrating Halloween. There are those who have strong convictions against it, those who say it's their favorite holiday, and many in between. I grew up being taught against Halloween. In fact, we never celebrated it at all because of the many "evil" connotations it carries. 

This year I want to look past the connotations and remember that no matter what the Holiday signifies, it is a huge opportunity to be a testimony for Christ. This is the only day of the year that dozens of kids who need Jesus will come to your door asking for free stuff. My challenge to you, is don't just give them candy, but include a bible verse, a little bible, a bible coloring page, a scripture card, or even a cute little poem like the one below!

Our Trick, God’s Treat

It was really quite neat
that you asked for a treat
when you stopped by
and rang our doorbell.
Though we don’t know your name
we are still glad you came
and would like to pass this on as well.

Long before time began
Father God had a plan
for His people to all get along.
But, we blew it, you see,
when we chose selfishly
to insist on OUR WAY and do it wrong.

What we did was a trick
that made God really sick,
but he didn’t trick us in return.
He reached out with a treat
that is sweeter than sweet.
It’s a treat that we could never earn.

God says, “I’ll be your friend!
I’ll forgive you all your sins,
I sent Jesus to make you brand new.
On this Halloween night
as you turn out your light,
Just remember how much God loves you.”

Copyright 2003, Reverend Greg Asimakoupoulos, used by permission.

Happy Treating :)


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