Thursday, November 17, 2011

A day in my life

This is my last semester of classes before I start student teaching! Woohoo! My life is going to change a lot come January. 
I realize I have been writing a lot lately about crafts, recipes coupons etc, so today I'm going to mix it up a little and give you a peek into my life
 Sound fun? Maybe!

Well today I woke up at the crack of dawn to go to Zumba class! Zumba is actually one of my favorite ways to start the day because after that class, I actually feel awake
Not to mention, it makes me feel much better about the fact that I'm an awkward dancer because most of the other people in the class can't dance either! Just trust me when I say I'm an awkward mover. It's not pretty!

On my way home, I stop at the Walmart to buy some paint for making crafts. The cashier tells me that minors can't buy paint and I have to bring my parents back with me. This hasn't happened to me in quite a while, so I was surprised. When I asked her how old she thought I was, she said "fifteen"! Bahahah I'm twenty....I can buy paint.

 When I got home, I had some time to talk with my sister Helen for a while on the phone. She is having her baby next Tuesday and I'm very excited for her. I'm praying for a way to get home to be there for it all...we will see!
Isn't she beautiful?
My sister Helen and her sweet family!

They took their own photos and are amazing photographers! Check out their website by clicking here.

As my day goes on, I shower and get cute before driving to school for my one class on Thursdays. Today i was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that we had a test and I had forgotten about it. Normally I'm a huge nerd right before tests. I'm the girl who makes note cards, flash cards, and her own review sheet! This was the first time I have ever forgotten about a test so I was mortified
Funny thing is...I feel like I did better on this test than on the last one where I studied for hours before hand. I will let you know when I hear back!

After class I stop at the post office to overnight mail one of my Etsy Shop chalkboard frames. I was not happy to find out that it was going to cost me 27.00. That's almost more than my frames cost! 
*Note to self: Never doing that again!

After that little upsetting adventure, I head back to school to tutor for a half hour and then drive back home!
The rest of my afternoon is spent being a housewife, running errands, blogging, making frames, or whatever else needs to be done while I wait for my hubby to come home and take me on a date. It's Date Night!

Yup I have a good life:)

Leave me some comments and tell me about your day! Hope you're having a good one:)


  1. that sounds a lot like my thursday - except my class is at 2, i walk to campus, and i am not nearly crafty enough to have an etsy shop. i generally start my days with dance classes (but the sprained ankle has put those on the back burner for awhile) ... and i have a large test today too ...and fortunately (unfortunately?) i remembered it enough to stress about it all week but not start studying till now. :)


  2. going back to school or take some classes is always exciting and adventure of life. despite of my busy days i laways wanted to do some course but it is quite hard for me right now.. anyway, your sister is beautiful. i always love motherhood picture, mommy proud :)
    take care dear! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  3. Great day! I wish I liked Zumba. I gave up on it because I couldn't do it well enough! My day today was not typical. I left at 9 to go for a haircut, then to the Thanksgiving Feast at Lauren's school. We went to her house and played games, and then got Andrew at the bus stop. I fixed dinner for them both and Don joined us. Then more games, bath and bedtime. Mary came home at 8 and we left to come bake home!! Did the person ask for overnight mail? They should pay for the extra shipping! Tell them how much they owe you. That is what we do for the dvd sales.

  4. What a busy day! Your sister has a beautiful family. I hope you are able to visit her when she has the baby!

    My day usually starts when my baby wakes up (around 7:00 am). I strap him in his bouncy seat, jump in the shower, barely have time to dry my hair, go downstairs and wait for the sitter to come. Then I go into my home office and work (I love working from home). I take lots of breaks to come out and smoother my baby with kisses. Then around 5 pm, it's quitting time and we prepare to make dinner and wait for daddy to come home.

    Okay, I won't bore you anymore with the rest of my evening (usually consist of bath time, some T.V, blogging and LOTS of time on pinterest)!


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