Sunday, November 20, 2011

I’m __blank___ Because…

Ashley over at Little Miss Momma asked us to join her in a filling in the "blanks" post and link back to her site!
you can see hers { here }

I’m weird because…
I mix coffee with hot cocoa powder and it's the greatest
I get excited about Christmas like an 8 year old
I don't like seafood
I have a coupon folder that I take shopping with me like a dork
I hate wearing skirts
I wear snowflake earrings every time it snows in MN
I practice Zumba moves in front of the attempt to make them less awkward.
I love the smell of camping and campfires.
I can't fall asleep in jeans
I sometimes say what's on my mind without thinking it through.
I brush my teeth more than 4 times a day.
I like to knit and I'm not old.
I have an obsession with candles
I laugh at my own jokes...sometimes harder than the people I'm telling them to.
Cows are my favorite animal
I’m a bad friend because…
I don't always answer my phone or my text messages
I'm not very good at staying in touch
I'm a people-pleaser and not always very honest
I schedule more than I can handle and always end up letting someone down
I am sometimes selfish

I’m a good friend because…
I will always be there for you when you need me
I will listen to you and do all that I can do to help
I will pray for you and want what's best for you
I will help you when you need help
I will get a matching Henna Tattoo with you in a different language
I will tell you if I think you are doing something that will hurt you
I will find crazy fun weird things to do when we hang out to keep us entertained
I will make an absolute fool out of my self with you and love every minute of it
I will make you feel less weird
 I’m sad because…
I miss my family
There are a lot of hurting people in the world who need Jesus
I wish I could be a better testimony for Christ

I’m happy because…
You are reading my blog:)
Jesus loves me
I have an amazing husband who loves me
I married into an awesome family
Christmas is close
Almost 3000 people have read my blog
My nails are painted grey
I have the week off school

I’m excited for…
Seeing my family and my soon to be born nephew
Buying, wrapping, and giving Christmas presents
Making pinterest projects
Black Friday shopping with my best friend
Listening to Christmas music

There it is! Now you try it and link back to my post so others can read yours too:)


  1. love this! and i get super excited for christmas too so don't even worry about it :)

  2. Putting hot cocoa powder in coffee - that's the only way to drink coffee! I do that too and people make fun of me :)
    I don't know about brushing teeth more than 4 times a day though - now that is weird...
    Cows are my favorite animals too - especially the ones named filet mignon... Yummy.

  3. this is cute!! its nice to know something about you :) take care.. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  4. coca is coffee.. yes please, coupon folder check, laughing at my own jokes, check, loving jesus check, girl you are after my own heart! thanks for sharing your blank post!


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