Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's never to early for Christmas

Confession: I have been listening to Christmas music this week, and I'm not sorry!

Growing up in Minnesota made it seem like Christmas even earlier with the cold weather, hot chocolate, and heaps of snow. Check out my post about Minnesota goodness here. I wrote it almost exactly a year ago. Wow time flies!

Okay maybe I have a problem, but I get in the Christmas spirit extra early every year. I think I become like a little kid when it gets close to Christmas I get so excited;) I am looking forward to it so much more this year because I get to go home to visit my family and there will be a new sweet baby nephew waiting for me!  

A photo from Christmas last year with my adorable nephew Liam

Me and my sisters Helen and Beth in front of the MOA Christmas Tree 2010

I love the music, lights, food, presents, decorations, friends and family, and most importantly what Christmas stands for! It's the time of the year we all (hopefully) take time to celebrate Jesus in our lives! I just don't see how it gets any better than that.
 I can't wait!
*update* Just found out that it is snowing at home in Minnesota:) I love it!


  1. your nephew is so cute!!!! time really flies, christmas is just around the corner and my baby is turning 2 next february yay...
    thanks for dropping by please don't hesitate to come back! i really love your blog, your positive spirit and faith.. take care dear! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  2. There's always something nice about listening to Christmas music that just puts you in a happy mood. You have a cute little nephew and you and your sisters are beautiful!

  3. It's still to warm for me to be thinking of Christmas (though it is snowing at the higher elevations) . . . I celebrate the whole fall season though, from beginning to it's culmination and winter kickoff in Christmas (winter is my second favorite season, so it flows nicely) . . . though I'm not indulging in Christmas music yet (fall tends to start me on a folk/bluegrass binge until October sometime) - I am thinking about Christmas presents and decorating. I moved into a new place this summer and I can't figure out where I'm going to put my tree!

    Anyway, enjoy your Christmas music listening - your secret is safe with me!


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