Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vacation is over

After a week's break from school and normal life, I'm taking a moment to look back on all of the weeks' events. All the papers I had ambitiously planned to write while on break are still unwritten, my house is a disaster, there's nothing really to show for my week except for the memories that were made!

Do you ever get that feeling at the end of the day that you accomplished nothing? I often get that until I take a moment to remind myself of the little things that add up!

Thanksgiving Day we had my husbands brother's family over. We had a rough time with the Turkey, but it all ended up looking great. Here is my first Thanksgiving dinner:
 I'm sure I missed something, but Holly and I had a lot of fun trying to make a feast!
We even had pumpkin pie and oreo pie to top it all off.
 Oh but the day did not really begin until BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!
Needless to say, I'm a big fan. Nicole, and I stayed up all night standing outside of stores in long freezing lines and doing some crazy shopping. I got most of my Christmas shopping done though, and saved quite a bit!
 After staying up all night, I went to hang out with my sister-in-laws for the day. Even though I was exhausted, we still had fun playing games, watching movies, and making this sweet gingerbread train!
We topped the weekend off with indoor ice skating which I LOVE
And then a fun trip to the mall:)
So now you understand why my papers are still unwritten! It was a great vacation weekend and I had a lot of fun! 
What did you do over your Thanksgiving vacation? Share some memories with me:)


  1. Looks like a yummy thanksgiving dinner! I went out at midnight on black friday too. Got some great deals at Kohls. I like shopping at midnight (since I'm up anyway) versus at 5:00 AM.

    Good luck with writing your papers!

  2. That picture of you and Nicole is so cute!


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