Sunday, November 13, 2011

Women of Faith

"To be a woman of faith, we must live a life that actually requires faith."

I've been meaning to post about this for a while now...since last weekend when I went with some ladies from my church to the Women of Faith conference. Better late than never though right?

 First of all, Laura Story was there! I am in love with her new song Blessings. Did you know that she also wrote Indescribable? Anyways, she did a wonderful job leading worship. There are not many things better than a building full of women worshiping God.
 It sounded beautiful!

The main speaker for the weekend was Lysa Terkeurst. Wow she has a powerful testimony! God used her greatly last weekend to touch many hearts including mine. She brought life to the statement:
"When the Messiah touches our mess
it can become the greatest message to the world." 

Yes, I'm a dork and I took notes and now I could preach a sermon on what I learned. Since this is my blog and I make the rules, I very well could!
But I won't.

I was convicted by Lysa's challenge to follow Christ in faith even when we don't understand his leading. Her definition of a relationship with Christ was this:

 "A religion is where you love God for what He does.
 A relationship is where you love God for who He is and even when you don't understand, you trust Him because of who He is."

Being used by Christ has nothing to do with our greatness, it has to do with our ability to turn to the Lord in our moments of weakness and claim His power. God meets us at our point of weakness and becomes our strength. The verse we focused on for the weekend was 2 Chronicles 20:3
"Alarmed, Jehosephat resolved to inquire after the Lord."

It may seem like a strange verse, but in context when a battle is about to take place and Jehosephat is emotionally "freaked out", he takes time to inquire after God. Even in the heat of emotion, he had predetermined that his first step was to talk it over with God.
We can all learn a lesson from that as it comes so easily for us as women to make emotionally based decisions without praying about it first.

I hope this gave you a little encouraging preview into what our "girls weekend" was like! Remember, if you are like me and often don't feel "good enough" to be used by God....

"God doesn't often call the qualified. He qualifies those He calls."

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