Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Handmade Reversible Christmas Stockings

My mom made all of us kids stockings when we were little. 
Mine had stars and teddy bears and I loved it.

For our first Christmas, I wanted to copy my mom and make Jimmy and I handmade stockings! 
I wanted something to remember our first Christmas by.

I picked out some manly material I knew Jimmy would like and paired it with cute coordinating Christmas tree fabric. I was happy with how well they went together!
Here are the supplies I used:
2 yards of Christmas fabric (1 yard of each pattern)
Sewing machine:straight and zigzag stitch
Fabric Glue

Step One: Using chalk, trace the outline of an old stocking on your fabric. You will do this with both patterns of fabric so you will have a total of 4 cut-out stockings by the time you are finished cutting the fabric (8 if you are making two stockings)
 Step Two: To make things easier, fold the fabric in half so that you are cutting out two identical pieces and then cut out the stalking on the chalk line.
 Step Three: Place the fabric right sides together.
 *(I don't have a photo of this, but before I did this 3rd step, I cute out the letter you see on the stockings in the last photo and glued it using fabric glue to the front side of the stocking.)
 Step Four: Pin the pieces together so that they stay in place while you are sewing it. Do not sew the top of the stocking; remember that part has to stay open for all the presents;)
 Step Five: Sorry to switch fabrics on you here, but you do the same with both.  For the top edge, before you sew the fabrics together, make sure that you fold it over and do a quick hem stitch to make the top look nice. 
 Step Six: I did a decorative zigzag stitch right below the straight line stitch just for added decoration.
*Note (only do the decorative stitch on the fabric that will be inside because you will fold it over on the outside and not even see the stitch of the outside fabric.
 Step Seven: Now you can stitch around the outside of the fabric (right sides together) to make a stocking. Do this with both fabrics. You are basically making 2 one-sided stockings.
 Step Eight: Turn the fabric you want to be your outside stocking right side out, but keep the inside one in side out. Place the stocking you want to be the inside fabric inside of the other stocking. Fold over the top material for a cute border look.
 Step Nine: Cut a small strip of fabric, sew the seams, and fold it over to make a loop. Sew it along the side seem to hold the two fabrics together and create a handy hanger for your stocking!
 Tada! And now you are finished unless you want to add some personalizing of your own:)
 Now Jimmy and I have cute matching stockings for our first Christmas together! You should try it too!
I can't wait to share with you our Christmas photos! We are spending Christmas in Minnesota with my family and I can't wait:)

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