Friday, December 9, 2011

Those reflections I sometimes have...

Do you ever catch yourself having a little pity party about something that happened or a circumstance that seems so unfair...that is until you meet someone who has it worse than you?

I have come to the conclusion that there will always be someone who would find great joy in the things that I so often feel sorry for myself and complain about. 

Think about that!

For example,
 I may be whiny that my husband has to work late......until I stop to think about the woman whose husband works nights or worse who can't find a job at all. When I put it like that, there's nothing to be sorry for at all, but rather grateful!

When I start to get fed up with my dryer that NEVER stops and takes several hours to dry the clothes.....I am reminded that there's a woman down the street with kids who hauls her laundry to the laundromat every week. I am blessed to even have a dryer. Not everybody does.

I often start to feel sorry for myself when I get homesick....and then I read about the woman who left her family in a different country thirty years ago and hasn't been back to see them since. Wow.

I don't even want to start thinking about 3rd world countries. They put us all to shame

Last night, Jimmy and I 
went out to dinner at the new restaurant in town Cheddars. It wasn't very expensive, but it was pretty fancy inside! In fact, I recommend it if you're looking for a great date night restaurant. 
Jimmy, however, commented as we walked out of the restaurant, "I wonder what a kid from a 3rd world country would think if he walked into this restaurant?"
I'm glad that my husband thinks like that! It's good to be reminded of how blessed we really are.

Especially as Christmas gets closer, don't get caught up in all the materialism. Remind yourself of how much you have and how blessed you are to have it!

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  1. Great post, Faith! I love your heart and the way you share them with us! I am a newbie to your blog - found you through Christian Ladies on Facebook. I'm a new follower now! :) Amy from Sugar and Spice (


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