Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Easy Apron Tutorial

I had to hold off on this tutorial because it was a Christmas present for my mother, and I didn't want to spoil it:)

For this project you need:
a yard of fabric one
1/2 yard of fabric two
sewing machine

That's easy enough right?

It is easier to make this apron in 2 pieces so to start off, cut your top piece in a square but a little larger at the bottom to accommodate the skirt piece you will add later.
 Fold the edges over and sew with a straight stitch to create a seam.
Set aside.
 The skirt section top should match the bottom of your first piece section, but remember to leave an extra inch or so for your hem.
You can be flexible with your skirt and make it wider, thinner, longer, or shorter.
Hem the edges of the skirt just like you did the top piece.
 Next, take your contrasting fabric and cut a long thick strip (double the size you actually want it.
 Fold the fabric in half and sew the open side together with a straight stitch leaving one end open.
Once you have done this, turn the fabric inside out to create a seamless ribbon.
Sew up the open end by folding the open seam in side and straight stitching across.
 Now you are ready to piece it all together!
Simply pin the top of the apron to the top of the ribbon and the skirt to the bottom of the ribbon.
 I added a few pleats in the skirt of the apron.
Just fold and pin.
 Sew with straight stitch along both sides of ribbon to connect the apron pieces. 
I added a zigzag stitch for added cuteness!
Make straps for the top the same way you made the center ribbon and sew them to the top.
Voila! You have an adorable apron guaranteed to cutesify cooking:)

You can add pockets, lace, ribbon etc and decorate it however you like it.



  1. I love it! I saw a picture of your mom opening it at Christmas! Bea

  2. how do you know the measurements on this..it would be a FF woman..how would I measure the parts out?? if you can email me back @ kruegertawnee@ymail.com..thank you


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