Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My birthday date

I couldn't have asked for a better 21'st birthday!
Although all the celebrating is over and I happily made it through the day without anyone actually singing happy birthday to me, I felt so loved by all the birthday wishes everyone gave me. I think birthdays are great as a little reminder of how much people care!
To all of you who cared, thank you. It made my day special:)

Just wait till you hear what my hubby surprised me with...

 ...a super sweet scavenger hunt! 

And the best part lasts for the next 3 weeks!

Yep that's right...21 gifts/little lovey things/encouragements over the next week. One for each day.

He has them hidden all over the house, and every morning he is going to give me a clue to find them.
I love it!
He also gave me a coupon to eat out at my favorite place...yummm
As you can see, I redeemed that coupon already and it was a great date!


  1. Happy Birthday! Have a fun next 3 weeks on the scavenger hunt! :)

  2. aww Happy Belated Birthday Friend!! I'm so glad you had a special Birthday :)

  3. what an adorable idea!!!!!!! that's awesome he thought of that. You're a lucky girl!

  4. You all are so cute!! Happy Birthday & enjoy that sweet man of yours!

  5. That is so fun! I didn't realize you were five years younger than me! I'm an old lady! I guess I figured we were around the same age since our babies are!


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