Friday, January 27, 2012

Student Teaching

As you can see from my blog posts, or lack of blog posts, my life has drastically changed now that I'm an 8th grade English teacher.

I wake up about 3 hours earlier than I would like, pack a lunch, teach 6 of the same class to over 150  kids, get a half hour break for lunch, kill about 2 trees a day making copies, and feel exhausted by the time I'm off. I thought I wanted a nap when I was in college! Now I want one even more!

But, I can honestly say I love it! 

I love the chance to be in these kids' lives. 
I love that my smile may be the only one they see every day.
 I love that they might learn something because of me!
I love that I can show them Christ's love, even if it's in an indirect way.

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Yeah, I've had to give up things like blogging, Pinterest, Facebook, having a clean house, feeling awake, my Etsy shop, and other things I enjoy, but it's for a season. I know I'm where God wants me and that's a good feeling!

So, I just thought I would give a quick update on where I've been! Don't worry, I will still be around sharing life, giving  updates, and encouraging you with what God has been teaching me. I hope you will stick with me through it all!

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