Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Wedding

 i finally have a favorite book!
In fact, this is the first book to make me cry.
Yes, it was that sweet :)

I don't want to spoil the book for those of you who will read it, but as an overview, the book is about a husband and wife (Noah and Allie's daughter from the Notebook) who have fallen out of love over the 29 years of their marriage.

When the husband realizes that his wife is not in love with him anymore, he determines to make her fall in love with him by their 30th anniversary.

In a culture that gives up so easily on marriage, this book was encouraging to read.

"I once made a vow to you on the steps outside the courthouse, and as your husband of thirty years, it's time I finally made another. From this point on, I will become the man I always should have been. I'll become a more romantic husband, and make the most of the years we have left together. And in each precious moment, my hope is that Ill do or say something that lets you know that I could never have cherished another as much as I've always cherished you."
-The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks, copyright 1996

if you have read it, what did you think?
If you haven't, is it on your "to read" list?

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  1. Hi Faith,
    I've read this book and it is one of my favorites! I love this book! Also try reading something from Charles Martin. I like his books.


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