Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby

Well I'm two days late giving my hubby a happy birthday blog post! I promise it's because we were too busy celebrating!
Jimmy's birthday fell on a Sunday, so we had church, of course. However, I knew that if anything would make his birthday special, it would be some fishing. 
It was the perfect fishing weather and we had just enough time in the afternoon to take the canoe out on the lake!
Isn't it beautiful...spring is on the way!!!!
 I had to get a shot of my fishing boots (formerly barn boots). They still smell like cows from when I worked on the farm. I'm a weirdo but I miss that smell!
Fishing away-and much to busy to turn around for a picture;)
Clearly, I was not as dedicated as he was...which may be why he ended up with 3 fish and I ended up with none.
Either way, we had a great time together.
 I'm so blessed that I have not just a godly husband who fears the Lord, but also one who I can have fun going fishing with.
I'm a lucky/blessed girl!


  1. YOu are an incredibly blessed girl :)
    Happy bday to hubs!
    Great photos ... looks so beautiful & like a lot of fun <3

  2. happy late birthday to your hubby.. cutest fishing girl i've ever seen!


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