Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's A Love Story Part 2

Last post, I shared with you how Jimmy and I met, and started talking. Love Story Part 1.

Although we were both skeptical about being in a relationship, we continued to talk on the phone every day. We grew deeper and deeper in love and began to pray together for the Lord to direct our relationship.
We both sought godly counsel from those around us and really wanted to be sure that what we were doing was right before we got in too deep. We were encouraged to continue in our relationship and most everyone around us saw positive changes in our lives as a result of us being together.
That's always a good sign right?
Whether we realized it or not, we found ourselves in a long-distance relationship which is never easy. We knew we cared for each other, but it was difficult having never really been together in person. One October week, Jimmy told me that he was going to drive to MN with Jake to visit.
I was VERY excited!
The only problem was that we weren't sure how my parents would react. Jimmy told me he had decided at the last minute that he wasn't going to come anymore. 
I was disappointed, but understanding.

That weekend, I was sitting outside talking with my friend Emily Ranch about Jimmy and how much I wished we could be together when a car pulled up and out walked Jimmy!
It was a great surprise and we spent the weekend acting as friends because Jimmy wanted to talk with my dad first before we were anything official. 

Spending that weekend together made saying goodbye so much more difficult. Jimmy left me with a CD of his favorite songs, a single red rose, and a promise to visit again soon.

 I loved him, and I could tell he loved me. 
But he never said it! It drove me crazy! 
He would always end our conversations with "I care about you" or "I think you're awesome."
I knew he wanted to wait and say it in person when he was really sure.

I can't describe the feeling of being in love with someone so far away. There was always a part of me missing. I hated that we could never go to movies together, hang out with friends together, and all the other things that normal couples do.

As thanksgiving got closer, Jimmy and I talked about the possibility of him spending the holiday with my family and meeting everyone! All the details worked out for him to make the trip and the week of Thanksgiving 2008, Jimmy met my family and asked my dad for permission to get to know me better! 
Fully expecting my dad to say no, and fully prepared to stop talking with Jimmy out of respect for my parents, I was more than shocked, when my dad told Jimmy he was alright with that!
Everyone who knew my parents at the time, will admit that was a work of God!

I took Jimmy ice-skating for the first time, and he held my hand. I'm not sure if it was for balance or for love but I liked it either way! Later that night, he finally whispered in my ear, what I had been waiting to hear for months. 
"I love you".

It was great to finally be in an official relationship! I made my first trip to Indiana to visit Jimmy for New Years Eve 2008! 
We took our first Christmas Picture together:) 
 And spent New Years as a double date with Matt and Nicole!

Every visit was more painful than the last every time we had to say goodbye. We knew it couldn't be like that much longer, so I decided to apply for college close by so we could be together. If this was really something we were serious about, I knew one of us eventually had to move. 

I not only got in to the University nearby, but also received an amazing scholarship! God was directing my path pretty clearly. 

We made it through 2009 taking turns driving to see each other. I was slowly getting to know Jimmy's friends and family in Indiana and looking forward to finally being together once I started school in August 2009.

Leaving my family and moving to Indiana was the biggest decision I have ever made. It was hard. I remember crying as I left the driveway. Off and on as I made that 12 hour trip, I questioned if this was really the right decision. I was scared.

College was a big adjustment from my life growing up. For those of you who read The Real Faith, I'm sure you understand. 

It was also an adjustment for our relationship. We had been doing long-distance for a year. We didn't really know how to communicate face-to-face! We didn't know how to just hang out and have fun together because we had gotten so used to just being on the phone together. 

We were both under a lot of pressure to make things work, but we didn't know how to pick up where we had left off. We  had to start over at the beginning and learn about each other in person, learn how to hang out, how to laugh and have fun together!

There were times when it was discouraging. In our minds we had built up being together to be whatever we wanted it to be...even if it was unrealistic. Through a lot of ups and downs, God worked in our lives and in our relationship. But still, we weren't sure where we were headed...

To find out where we ended up, read the last part of our love story!


  1. Faith - I'm so glad you're writing out your story and sharing it. How special. Keep up the great work!

  2. I really like your story and daily continue reading your blog and post. I am also in love with some one. And I know how amazing is to love someone like heaven. Thanks for sharing such a interesting love story.

    As we know soulmates are made in heaven and one of my friend is running Online Second Marriage Matrimony Sites to and his main objective is to motivate the people to remarriage after divorce


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