Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A good first boating story

Hey friends! I've been meaning to share this memorable experience from this weekend, but somehow it has taken me until the middle of the week to get it out there. 
Either way, it's still a great story :)

Sunday, we decided it would be a great day to take the boat out for the first time! Jimmy has had this thing for over a month now, and dying to get it on the water. We had our friends Micheal and Kristyn with us and it seemed like it was going to be the perfect little fishing trip!
We started out with just a little trouble getting it out on the water....
But once we got out on the water, our concern changed to how to get it to move...the main motor was too deep for this lake and kept hitting the bottom and our trolling motor moved at about 1/2 a mile per hour.
 I mean it was reeeaally slow!
We decided on the trolling motor as our safest option, and we slowly made our way to the other side of the lake, fishing along the way. 
As you can see from the photos, we had a lot of fun...oblivious to what was going to happen on the way back....

As it started to get dark, we decided that we had better put that little trolling motor to work and head back. We started along at our ridiculously slow pace, realizing that it was going to take us too long to get back before dark. 
So we ventured to put that big motor to work. 
The guys strapped it up so that it wouldn't go as deep and we started moving....making pretty good time and it was awesome to be going so fast!
It was awesome until we heard a loud CRACK and the big motor slipped from the strap and cracked its case!
Well, at least we had the trolling motor to get us the rest of the way back....
or not...
You see, while we had been going so fast with the big motor, the trolling motor had fallen off the boat!
We looked at each other with unbelief, realizing that our last option was to grab the single oar that we had brought and get to work oaring back. 

It was dark long before we got to shore. At one point we got stuck in a shallow patch that we weren't able to see and no matter how hard the guys pushed with the oar, we just rotated around in circles until finally micheal was able to push us free. 

Slowly, we caught a glimpse of the shoreline's shadows as we inched our way closer! 
We finally pulled up on the bank, and loaded up the boat in the dark, happy that we had made it! 

Who would have though, boating could be so adventurous?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome adventure - you two are truly living life and enjoying all it has to offer :-)


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