Friday, June 29, 2012

A late Friday Coffee Post

I'm a little late today with letting you know what's up in the life of Faith! I have taken a last minute trip to Minnesota to visit my family maybe for the last time before we have the baby. It worked out perfectly because my best friend was driving here for the weekend, so I just hitched a ride! The 12 hour trip went by pretty quickly and I have had a great day here so far. (I would argue that I maybe left because I saw the 100 degree weather Indiana was going to have;)

I am also very happy because I finally got the cheese curds I've been craving for SO long! I'm tellin' that I'm pregnant, if I get a food on my mind, I can't forget about it!

These will definitely help me gain the 5 pounds my doctor has asked of me;)
Photo: Finally got my cheese curds I've been craving!

I also have an announcement in giveaway winner! Thank you to everyone who participated and especially to those who shared my giveaway. It's been so much fun watching my blog grow and even more fun interacting with you as my readers! 

Congratulations Callie! You will have your gifts in the mail soon as I get home;)

With all that taken care of, I'm going head out! I'm sorry I couldn't stay long for our little chat today, but I have some sweet little nephews to spend time with! Can you blame me?

Photo: IMG_2349 (5 of 143)

Stay tuned for a guest post recipe tomorrow that you are going to love!!
Oh, and don't forget to visit my friends and have a cup of coffee with them this sweet Friday :)

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  1. Congrats to Callie! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family!


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