Monday, June 25, 2012

Mommy Mondays...Hello Second Trimester!

The word still sounds foreign when I use it to describe myself. It's such a big word...with so much meaning behind it. 
I love it.
A lot of you said you are excited for more baby posts. I will do my best to write a weekly update just for you:)

I know you can't see much yet, but here's me at 14 weeks...helloo second trimester! I've been waiting patiently for you because they tell me you bring much less puking. Please don't let me down! 

I am so looking forward to finding out if my baby is a boy or a girl. It will make it all seem so much more real. I can start picking out clothes, furniture, and names! Yayy I can't wait!

What have been my favorite things so far about my pregnancy? Knowing that there is a life inside of me. An actual baby! It's a crazy and absolutely amazing feeling. Oh and getting to hear my baby's heartbeat was the best!

What has been my least favorite thing? Puking. I hate feeling sick and nauseous!

What am I craving? Sour dough bread hands down. Toasted. With butter. I love it!

What foods make me sick? Just thinking about food can make me feel sick sometimes. 
Stuff with mayo in it...yuuuck. 
Broccoli...used to love I hate it! 
Funny how that works huh?

Other random things about my first trimester:
I get dizzy every time I stand up...every time!
I wake up with a cramp in my left leg every morning without fail. Why just my left leg?lol
I randomly hiccup with unbelievably violent hiccups!
My stomach comes alive at night...I can't even describe the noises.

One of my friends who is also pregnant said it perfectly when she said,

Being pregnant can mean a day filled with twice as much effort and half as much outcome.

But hey, I'm glad that my energy is going toward the baby and keeping it healthy and growing! That's how God perfectly planned it to be, and it's amazing. 


  1. Soon.....I won't be able to make the fat jokes cus they will be true ;)

  2. How wonderfully exciting. I just had my first baby March 9th and I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about babies now. I can't wait to read your updates. I pray it will be the amazing and incredible journey that I experienced. And have you tried mints for the nausea, the old fashioned red and white kind? They helped me but I never actually threw up. Have a great day.


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