Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The surprise!

Remember a few weeks back....well more like a month now...when I mentioned a surprise? Well some of you couldn't wait and privately messaged me;)  But for those of you who have been waiting to hear, I have some great news for you! 
Yes, we are going to have a baby!!!

The funny part about all of this is that on April Fools Day I thought it would be a great prank to tell a few people I was pregnant (not knowing that I really was). I found out a few days later...the joke was on me!

It has been so hard for me to keep my own secret from you! Jimmy and I have been so excited!

Part of the reason I have been a little slow with my blogging is because of morning sickness-which by the way I found out does not just happen in the morning!
 Thankfully, my doctor prescribed me some medicine to help keep food in my stomach which is much better!

On our first anniversary we were given the best gift ever. We had our first ultrasound and heard the heartbeat of our baby! I don't think there is any way to explain how that feels. Just knowing that there is life is absolutely amazing! I have been in love with this baby from that moment! 

 As the ultrasound tech explained the development of the baby, I couldn't help but be amazed by God and how he creates and sustains life!
We are blessed that God has trusted us with this little life, and we can't wait to meet him/her:)

So now all my wonderful mommy readers and fellow bloggers, what are some pregnancy/baby tips you can give me? Are there any books or websites you would recommend for a first time mom?


  1. Yay!!! My little Faith-y's gonna have a baby! I'm so excited for you guys, and I can't wait to meet Little One.

  2. Awww I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Wooho!!! :)
    Congratulations dear Faith!! What a blessing <3

  3. Your picture is just so cute! Super-excited for you! :)

  4. Congratulations! I read "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and it was the most organized and clear book I read on the subject. I'd definitely recommend it. You can find anything in the book because it's divided into clear chapters and sections :)

    Bless you and your little one!

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  5. Congratulations! How exciting! I originally found your blog because I "liked" it on Facebook for a giveaway entry, and so since then I stop by periodically and check it - and this time I saw your pregnancy announcement! I can't wait to read more about your pregnancy and motherhood journey! There's really nothing like it. :-)


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