Monday, July 2, 2012

15 week update

Welcome back to Mommy Monday #2! I'm at week 15 and maybe...just maybe starting to feel a little bit better! 
Today I have been taking half of my Odansetron pill (my anti vomiting medication) and guess what...I haven't puked yet!! HOORAY!

I took a baby bump picture, but really, truly, as far as I could stick my stomach out, there really wasn't much change from last week, so instead I will share this picture with you! 
Photo: Registering for baby stuff with my wonderful big sister Helen!
My wonderful sister Helen took me to Babies R' Us to help me get started on the baby registering. Boy am I glad she was there! Did you know there are like 10 different types of pacifiers, bibs, bottles, spoons, diapers, crib sheets, soaps, blankets...ahhhh! She was amazing and took me through that store like a champ!
My registery still needs some refining and adding to, and of course when I find out the baby's gender, I will add all of that stuff. But, we got the important stuff done!

Okay so back to being pregnant...

What was my favorite thing about week 14? Well this week, the baby's ears have started to form enough for it to be able to hear my heartbeat and maybe even my voice. I love that! I also love that I'm starting to be able to feel my belly pop out a little making it seem all the more real!

What has been my least favorite thing? Still the nausea, and random belly pains!

What am I craving? Hmmm this week, food didn't really sound all that great to me! I'm liking all the fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market though:) I'm sure baby loves them too!

What foods make me sick? Hamburgers. I tried to eat a butterburger from Culvers yesterday...I barely ate half. They just don't taste good to me anymore. Boo:(

Other random things about my 14th week:
I still get dizzy just about every time I stand up.
My belly looks WAAYYY bigger at night than it does in the morning...weird?
Jimmy tells me I hold my belly and back like a pregnant woman now. I can't help it, I love feeling how my belly is changing!

-Sophia Loren



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