Tuesday, August 28, 2012

23 week baby update

How far along: I am 23 weeks. Can you believe that next week I will be 6 months pregnant? That's half a year...wow!

Movement: I feel a lot of movement these days, especially when I'm laying down. She's pretty responsive now too! If I lay my hand on my belly she usually kicks at me:)

Weight Gain: Well, I was weighed at my appointment this week and I have been pretty consistent about gaining 1 pound a week. Woohoo:) Oh and our little girl weighs about 1 pound 3 oz.

Maternity Clothes:  I finally broke out the belly bands this week and have been wearing them over my jeans and shorts so I don't have to button them. I need to start maternity clothes shopping now for sure.

Best moment of my week: Jimmy bought me chocolates and a card this week "just because", and that made both baby and mommy pretty happy! Even better was getting to see our beautiful baby girl on the ultrasound yesterday! They gave us a 4d shot for free so we could see her face. She looks just like her daddy. She has his nose and lips for sure....we both said something as soon as we saw her face! There is a lot of fluid and some placenta around her face, but you can still make out her little features:) 

 Worst moment: I had a few days this week where I was very tired and just cranky. It's not so bad for me, but I feel terrible for my hubby who has to put up with me!

Sleep: Well this week I came down with a pretty bad cold so that made sleeping even more difficult. It hasn't been so bad the past few nights though.

Miss Anything: My energy level and normal hormone level!

Cravings: I'm still loving the icecream, chocolate, and sweet things! I've also been craving mac and cheese:)

Aversions: Eggs and apparently sausage. My hubby bought a sausage burrito and was eating it in the car a few days ago. I about died...or vomited I guess.

Gender: Ultrasound confirmed that she is still a girl! You can read about our gender reveal party here!

Belly Button: Outie;)

Moody or Happy: Happy...I'm so glad our daughter is healthy!

Looking Forward: Her getting the hiccups and watching her grow!

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  1. Yay! Getting closer....... :) Have you done a registry? There are some pretty resourceful comments on my post :)


  2. How she is already so cute. When I was preggo with Amy, I also craved sweets all the time lol. Must be something about girls.

  3. So sweet!! Can't wait till hubby and I are in that season of our lives!!!

  4. congrats you two! So nice to meet you first time here I found you on the GFC link up today! Newest follower come and follow back if you get a chance.

  5. new follower from the GFC hop :) I loveddd being pregnant & I really love this post! I can't wait to read more of your stories. The thing I wondered most during the last few weeks of my pregnancy was if I'd always remember the feeling of being pregnant & my answer is yes: I still feel pregnant, sometimes :) Congrats to you & your husband. Wishing you all the best.
    Daydreaming Realist

  6. Oh Faith she is looking so delightful and that's only on an ultra sound! bet you are getting super excited!!!! hope the next few months run super smooth for you! look forward to your next update!

  7. I wish we had the opportunity to get the 4D ultrasounds but my doctor doesn't do them. They are neat and I'd love to get a better idea of what the baby looks like right now. I couldn't stand eggs when I was pregnant with my first three, but this pregnancy is completely different and I can eat them as long as I don't make them. :)

  8. Aww, I love the ultrasound pics. They got some good shots!

  9. you look so cute! congrats! just wanted to stop by from the blog hop :)


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