Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The time I wore glasses

Interesting fact: Over 60% of all adults wear eyeglasses.

Well coming from one of those 40% who don't, I feel a little left out of the fun! Yeah, I know it's not all it's cracked up to be, and it's a headache to buy glasses, take care of them, try not to lose them etc. But, before you go off on a rant, let me tell you how I used to feel about glasses. 

I used to be terribly jealous of people who wore glasses!
My two older sisters wear them.
My three brothers wear them.
My mom and dad both definitely wore them...the thick kind!

And then there was me...I could see just fine!

When you are a kid, you don't tend to be grateful for things like good eyesight when you feel like the odd one out! And so this obsession followed me into high school. In fact, I was so cool, I would try on glasses at the store and take pictures!
Here's proof:
I am even embarrassed to admit that I was an owner of those "fashion glasses" that you can get at Claires. I never really wore them much, but hey you get the idea!
Although I am now grateful for my good eyesight, I still think that glasses are pretty sweet:) I guess I haven't completely outgrown my obsession. I love the fashionable styles that even prescription eyeglasses come in these days!
I know that the fashion part of wearing glasses is probably the last thing on most people's mind when it comes to purchasing glasses. Most of you are looking for cheap eyeglasses more than anything!
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See what you would look like in a pair of their glasses with this awesome virtual mirror:
Next time you think about how much of a hassle your glasses are, just remember that some little girl somewhere is probably jealous that you get to wear those cute frames;)Photobucket
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  1. You're so cute! Love that throwback photo! Growing up, I was always jealous of people who wore glasses...then I lost my perfect vision and had to wear glasses, and I hate them! So I stick with contacts ;D Always good to find good deals on pretty frames though!

  2. I am the only one in my family who has never had glasses. Never bothered me much though.=)

  3. I've worn glasses since second grade...def not a fan of them! But back then I'm sure I was excited I had to have them.

  4. I’ve used and GlassesUSA, both of them are perfect. Their glasses are wonderful – I get compliments all the time – sturdy frames, right prescription lenses.


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