Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Elisabeth from La Vita a Bella!

Today I am thrilled to introduce a very dear blogging friend of mine, Elisabeth from La Vita e Bella!
 Elisabeth and I go way back. I think I had maybe 8 readers when I started following along with Elisabeth? It has been a fun journey watching each other take off in the blogging world:)
I know you all will fall in love with Elisabeth's perspective on beauty, life, and love.  Make sure you leave her lots of comment love and stop by her blog to follow along with her newlywed adventures!
Thanks for guest posting Elisabeth!

Hi Faith's readers! I'm Elisabeth, and I blog over at La Vita e Bella.

I'm a (semi) newlywed college student who shares my take on relationships, style, and the art of being domestic (or attempting to do so) on my little blog. 

Ben and I met December 6, 2010
We were engaged May 6, 2011.
And we were married August 6, 2011.
It all happened a bit fast. The speed of it would scare me a little, until I remembered what it felt like to be with him; when I’d known him a week it felt like six months. When we’d been dating a month it felt like two years, and by the time we were married, I couldn’t remember life without Ben at all. 

We just celebrated a whole year of marriage at the end of the summer.

So I'm no expert, but I believe a successful marriage means falling in love over and over again. To do that, here are 3 of my 10 tips

Make time just to have fun. Set aside specific time once a week to do something where you laugh. Maybe its going on a silly date, watching a comedy, ticking each other - whatever it is, make sure you laugh. I married my best friend, and I think I've added another 5 years to my life because of how often we laugh :) 

Stare at each other for two minutes straight. Sounds silly, I know - but its proven to cause a connection. 

Tell them you love them, without saying it. Of course, saying it with your voice is so important, but remind them with little things: notes, favorite candy bars, random text messages, unsolicited kisses, you get the idea ;)

For the rest of the tips, read the full post here.
And if you don't want the rest of the post, I promise I blog about things other than romance :) 

Thanks Faith for letting me take over today :)
Hop over to La Vita e Bella and say hi!




  1. I seriously love this lady. Once of my favorite women in the world.

  2. I would have never believed how fast you can "know" until it happened to me!


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