Wednesday, November 28, 2012

36 weeks

36 weeks. Can you believe there's only one month left? It's a little bittersweet. I'm going to miss all the little kicks, punches and hiccups...but then the rib jabs and bladder bounces...not so much:)
Most of all, I can't wait to meet her and see what she looks like and just get to know her! It's going to be great!
Yesterday I wrote a post on Bible verses I plan to have with my during labor and delivery. You can check that out here!
I have already thrown a few things together to have with us at the hospital but I'm always looking for suggestions on what to bring...

What items do you recommend packing for the hospital?
And here I am at 36 weeks and 3 days!
How Far Along? 36 weeks-I feel like my belly can't get any bigger!

Movement? Still plenty of movement! She gets the hiccups a lot which is fun. She has also been jabbing her little feet and arms out pretty hard. I love poking at them and her responding back with another little jab. I'm not sure if she likes it, or if she's irritated at me!

Weight Gain: Well the holiday weekend did the trick and I have now gained 20 pounds! There's just so much candy everywhere...this is going to be hard!

Maternity Clothes: I did get a free maternity sweater from Pink Blush Maternity that I will be doing a review on and a $25 giveaway on later this week, so stay tuned!

Best Moment of my week: Black Friday Shopping! Woohoo I got all of my Christmas shopping and made some AWESOME deals. It was probably one of the best years...but I think I say that every year haha. This year, I went with my sister-in-law Elisabeth. We had a great time!

Worst moment of my week: Sciatic nerve pain. It's the worst. I also have had a cold the past couple of days which is no fun:(

Sleep: This cold has been keeping me up at night because I can't breathe! Other than that and the 4 nightly trips to the bathroom, I'm sleeping pretty good!

Miss Anything: I miss being useful! We went out to help some of our friends get their new house ready to move in. There was like nothing I could help with because I'm pregnant!

Cravings: Chocolate...

Aversions: eggs, peppers and onions...even writing it makes me sick!

Gender: Still a girl! I have the doctor check every time to make sure lol. You can read about her gender reveal party here!

Belly Button: It's an outie

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks. And now I have random pains in my pelvis too which I guess means I'm getting closer to labor!

Other Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain and just this week my ankles started to swell pretty bad...or should I say cankles?

Mood: Tired and anxious to have the nursery ready!

Looking Forward: Getting nursery projects done. Here's the latest project painting wooden letters of sweet pea's name to match the curtains and pillows in her room! It's all coming together:)

I've got so many other fun projects I need to keep working on too! 
Thanks for following along with my pregnancy updates and for your sweet comments! I love reading each and every one of them!
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Colossians 3:17 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

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  1. Take your boppy, a pillow/blanket from home, socks with the grippers, or house shoes, pen & notepad :)

  2. bring lanolin nipple cream if you plan on breastfeeding, and comfy clothes. make sure you have boob pads ready for when you get home and your milk comes in. the lansinoh ones are my fave. good luck!

  3. Ah, you're so close!

    Well, I definitely recommend bringing:

    Toiletries: toothpaste, facewash, hair brush (I only stayed for one night and didn't have time to shower, so I didn't bring that stuff)

    Flip flops or socks

    Make-up touch-up kit because people will be coming to see you!

    Multiple tubes of chapstick because you get super dehydrated

    I brought extra clothes BUT didn't end up using them because I bled so much...sorry, TMI!!!

    Oh, bring cute clothes for your baby, and a camera to take LOTS of pics!!

  4. I am a guy but still enjoy following along and can't wait to see Kaleigh's first picture.
    Odie in NC

  5. Bring things that are easy to nurse in (if you are breast feeding) and still look nice as you will have plenty of visitors! Visiting from the mommy mixer

  6. Bring as little as possible. With your first, you will have BILLIONS of people coming in and everyone will bring a gift. You then have to find a place to pack all of the presents. And you really don't have to bring a lot of clothes for Baby. People will more than likely stock you with their gifts, and it just takes a lot of room. My necessities have been my blanket and pillow, sweats and a cool shirt that is easy to nurse with. And my makeup. It's nice to feel human after feeling rather animalistic by pushing your internal parts out...haha! <3
    So fun to keep up with you! Love you and am so excited for you!

  7. I agree with Kayla, you don't need to overpack or anything. Bring comfortable clothes to wear for you and baby and "creature comforts" that will put you at ease. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby!! You are going to be a wonderful mother. My prayers are with you and your family as you prepare to welcome your precious gift from God!!

    I found you through a blog hop, glad I did! I look forward to reading your posts and am now following you! Come on by the Aloha Friday Blog hop and link up with us too!! It's easy and you could end up being next week's featured blogger!! Come on by and link up if you please!! It's a great way to get more followers and we'd love to have you at the Aloha Friday Blog Hop

  8. Aww, I can't wait to see the finished nursery and of course baby Kaleigh! :) You're getting close!! By the way, last week I figured out that a good thing for the ankle swelling is ice packs. I actually went outside barefoot for 10 minutes and that helped lol.

  9. Don't bring as much as you think you'll need. Seriously! You'll just have to lug it around with you and chances are you won't use much. Your own toiletries, a few sets of PJs, slippers, rubber flip flops, a towel (the hospital towels are small & scratchy) and your own pillow. The hospital should provide almost everything for baby- mine even insisted our baby wore the hospital tshirt until discharge (a security thing), so I think we only brought a going-home outfit and a package of wipes.

    I found your blog through a blog hop :)

    Good luck!

  10. Nettle tea is awesome for so many reasons. Check out its beni's online. For starters, it reduces swelling. Oh, but there is SO much more! Also, honey sticks for energy since that stupid rule about no eating at the hospital exists! Seriously, sneak food in - & eat it. Seriously. Tons of vitamin water. Bone broths since they have lots of protein and minerals & technically it's not a "food" but a drink. O.j. Nettle tea during labor.
    And remember that Jesus' stripes and his death bought you a pain-free labor n delivery. Perfect love casts out all fear; you are loved more than you know, Faith. We are not appointed to suffer his wrath. Peace, comfort, and more good feeling endorphins than you know what to do with are yours now in Jesus' name. You are not to suffer shame. You are clean and whole and forgiven now. Stand on that.

  11. Mama natural is on Facebook. She lists things she would bring to the hospital, a few of which I echoed. Check her out! I got to eat and drink heaps during labor. I might have drunk a gallon of water in an hr. I was parched. Did you know you will burn 5,000 calories during that time? I can't imagine going without food and drink. So, mama natural solves that problem! She delivered in a hospital, I think, so she can relate to you, and prolly knows what is kosher to bring. Also? Don't ask the hospital staff if you can have a honey stick or what have you.


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