Friday, December 14, 2012

38 weeks

38 weeks! I thought maybe I would go into labor before I wrote another post, but I guess I shouldn't have had my hopes up cause I'm still pretty pregnant!
However...I did find out at my doctors appointment Monday that I am 2 cm dilated! That's 2 cm closer than I was last week so it's a start! I realize it could be like that for a while, but I could also go into labor tomorrow. It's crazy the suspense of not knowing!

Thank you all for your great suggestions on things to do to get ready! I've been cleaning and organizing and even freezing some meals. I feel more and more prepared every day!

I haven't really gone into my birth plan yet, but most of you probably are aware that I am going to attempt as natural of a birth as possible. Call me crazy, but it's what I believe is best and although I know it's not going to be easy, I've been trying to prepare myself for the pain.
One of the ways I've done that is by getting together some encouraging Bible verses. You can read those here.
I'm always looking for other suggestions as well, so here's my question this week...

Whether you had a natural childbirth or not, what are somethings that helped you prepare for and cope with labor and delivery pain?
And here I am at 38 weeks and 6 days!
I decided to wait for Nicole to come visit me and write on the board again this week since she did such a great job last week! 
We took this picture at like 11:00 at night after a day of Christmas shopping. (The picture on the right is really how I felt, but don't tell anyone:)

How Far Along? 38 weeks and 6 days! Can you tell I am ready for her to be born??

Movement? At night, sweet pea moves around like crazy, it's like watching the wave on my belly! I love it and am going to miss it.

Weight Gain: I've gained right around 20 pounds. I've been dealing with nausea again lately so I don't have much of an appetite anymore:(

Maternity Clothes: I can still wear some of my stretchy shirts and one pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans, but other than that, I've been rotating through my small stash of maternity clothes as that's pretty well all I'm comfortable in these days!
This is one of my favorite shirts. It's not even maternity, but long enough to fit over my belly!
Best Moment of my week: Getting the baby swing and changing table together! And we had 2 Christmas parties this week that were a lot of fun! I also had a lot of fun having Matt and Nicole come stay with us one last time before our sweet pea is born!

Worst moment of my week:  Sleepless nights have made it a rough kind of week...

Sleep: I can't really get comfortable anymore and whenever she moves around it wakes me up. I've been pretty tired but trying to find time to nap during the day.

Miss Anything: I miss being able to accomplish even the smallest of tasks without feeling like I've just run a marathon! Seriously, doing the dishes leaves me out of breath these days!

Cravings: Those little oranges...and I'm out of them too dang it!

Aversions: eggs, peppers, onions, garlic, and I found out this week that corned beef hash makes me pretty nauseous too just smelling it!

Gender: Still a girl! I have the doctor check every time to make sure lol. You can read about her gender reveal party here!

Belly Button: Popped out!

Labor Signs: I am 2 cm dilated, she's in place, I've been having contractions off and on so we are all ready to meet our daughter when she's ready to enter the world!

Other Symptoms: Cramping, back pain, Sciatic nerve pain, swelling, heartburn, nausea, tiredness...and I woke up last night with another one of those charlie horses in my leg. Those things hurt!

Mood: Anxious to get through labor, physically uncomfortable, and super excited that it's almost time for my baby girl to be born!

Looking Forward: to meeting my baby! I can't believe it could be any day!

Did you see our maternity photo sneak preview?
If not, you can check it out by clicking here.
Thanks for following along with my pregnancy updates and for your sweet comments! I love reading each and every one of them!

(I am on the lookout for guest posters while I take a break from blogging once sweet pea is born. So many of you as my readers are fantastic bloggers and I would love for any of you who are interested to send me an e-mail at farmprincess14{at}gmail{dot}com and let me know if you would like to be one of my maternity leave guest posters!)
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Colossians 3:17 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

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  1. I know what you mean about the craziness of not knowing whether you will go into labor tomorrow or still be pregnant in two weeks!

    Honestly, I don't think labor was that bad looking back on it. (I had a completely natural birth at home.) I could handle the pain through each phase of labor. The hardest part was definitely the mental part . . . I had no idea how much longer labor was going to last. I had a hard time with thinking that labor was going to last hours and hours. So that was the hardest part . . . the mind game not so much the physical pain. At least that's how it was for me.

  2. Love baby bump pictures. :D I think baby bellies are so cute. :D

    Iris♥ -The Blue Birdhouse

  3. She's almost here :) Hang in there momma! And pre-pregnancy jeans?! You lucky duck!

  4. I know how you feel. I was 2 cm with my son for two weeks and they still had to induce at 41 weeks! I think the waiting is such an emotional roller coaster! This time around is so much better because with the Christmas season, I'm so busy running around getting things done that I don't have nearly as much time to sit and wait :)

    As far as labor goes...I was induced and had an epidural because of it. I wanted natural, but I just couldn't handle the contractions every two mins for hours and hours. Once they broke my water they wouldn't let me out of bed, and just sitting there and being in pain was more than I could handle. I think the worst part for me was being hooked up to the monitors and IV. I hated the feeling of being trapped in the bed and not being able to find ways to distract myself. This time I feel so much more prepared!

    Blessings! I hope she makes her appearance soon!!!

  5. I had my first son with a natural delivery and the biggest help was being able to walk around between and during contractions. So much easier than just lying in the bed trying to get through the contractions. Swaying through each contraction and having a breathing pattern helped too. 12 hours of labor and he was out. (pretty normal for a first birth I think) Hope that helps.

  6. Hi this is Odie in NC wishing you well and thanking you for allowing us to follow along. I know with all the symptoms it must be hard on you and I hope for your sake your precious little girl decides to come on into this world so we can all see her. Take care and know we are excited for you.

  7. Calcium for charlie horses; valerian root for sleep or a 1:4:4 ratio of dried valerian root, oatstraw, lemon balm, respectively, steeped in a mug for 20 or so mins(or just leave it in the mug while you sip); studies show primrose oil taken orally and "internally" help your tissues prepare for labor and stretch during labor; there is also something called "5W" which when taken daily from about 38 wks (or later) will almost guarantee you don't go past due, strengthens your uterus, is purported to make labor and birth go faster with less pain and bleeding. I did both primrose and 5W; it was fast and only the last 5 hrs were painful. The previous14 hrs were not painful - at all. No joke. You might need to overnight the 5W, but I would say it is well worth it. Nettle tea for swelling. Make bone broths to sip even now; much protein and the gelatin could help calm your tummy. Lots of vitamin c (sounds like you have that covered already!). Force yourself to sleep and let the chores go. Ask for help in these last days with dishes and such. You really do need your rest. I'm praying for you, Faith!! You are already making such a fabulous mother!! God is blessing you and roll never stop! Remember that we are no longer under the law. It stands to reason that Jesus' stripes and death took labor and birth pains. Lest, did He leave punishment for us? No!! His work was complete, finished! The Bible days we are not meant to receive God's wrath. Stand on that.

  8. Oh! Do not let anyone break your water - at any point!! Even if labor progresses slowly!! Once your water is broke there is SO much pressure to deliver within approx 12 hrs (my midwife says it's actually okay to go 72 hrs with broken water as long as signs of infection aren't present, but hospital protocol often differs). There is nothing wrong with laboring for days. It tends to be more gentle and very productive labor. Let your body relax, stretch on its own, and do its thing. Just no breaking of your water!! It could lead to more and more interventions. On that note, stay home As Long As Possible! Don't be afraid to question all your staff. Remember that they are doing a service for you - not ruling you. You get to challenge them. Go with your gut. You know WAY more than you think you do!! Remember those words!

  9. I love the photos! I think by now you've probably given birth to Kaleigh. I'm praying for you guys and wishing you lots of grace for these next coming months. Freezing meals was a great idea. I also hope you have friends and family to help. God bless!

    Tina - American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

  10. What great advice you are getting! So glad that you are going to go for natural. I pray that it will be easy for you, and, be prepared for the unexpected... Each of my three deliveries was different. So grateful for healthy and new beginnings.
    I know that we already talked but I want to add that agree about not breaking the water until the last minute and yes, ask lots of questions.
    Oh, and, beware of the "transition" stage. With my first one, my husband said he didn't know me...

  11. I delivered Abbie naturally- my favorite things- Get a birthing/exercise ball if you don't have one already. I pretty much sat on mine almost the entire time I was in labor. Don't get induced unless you have to....I've heard pitocin contractions are brutal. Most first time moms (emphasis on most, not all) are typically 10-15 days keep that in mind. I was 6 days over. Point being, relax and don't get too anxious. Anxiety stalls labor anyway. Also during labor, mostly during active labor and transition water (showers, birthing tubs, etc) is a god send! Also I remember my husband warming up towels in the dryer and rotating them and he would bring me one to wrap around my waist under my belly. I would cinch it tight during contractions and it was heavenly! You can do it. For first time moms you don't need to go to the hospital until contractions are 5 minutes apart or less, and at least a minute in length...not 30 seconds...a minute(we made that mistake) If they are 60 seconds long and intense you are definetely in active labor, and progressing toward transition. Staying at home as long as possible will help keep you more relaxed and less anxious.

  12. So glad you are getting support and help! That is key :) I do NOT think I would have made it without my doula and midwife. Cause yes, even though I was CERTAIN on having a natural delivery, there I was screaming for drugs. What?!?! haha. So make sure you have people around you who are there to help you get through it, not try to force drugs in your face or you WILL probably take them! The best advice I got was MOVE MOVE MOVE! Lots of ladies get there and get in bed! In order for your baby to get into position there's got to be lots of movement, so walk, squat, sway just move till you can't anymore. I don't know if you have a Tub at your hospital but that was AMAZING! Totally relaxed my tense muscles! If you haven't seen The Business of Being Born on netflix I HIGHLY recommend it! You will do amazing! Trust your body, it knows what it's doing!! And if somethings not working for you, just keep trying something else till you feel good. If you need anymore help or positions that help in labor please email me! I've helped so many friends through their natural deliveries! HOW exciting!!!!!!!


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