Thursday, January 24, 2013

{Guest Post} Comfort & Release

Hey there! I'm excited to introduce a new friend of mine who is here to share some of her motherhood experiences with you today. I personally love the connection she makes between her daughter surrendering to sleep and our own spiritual walk with Jesus as we surrender to Him. I hope you enjoy it as well! Here is Mikah...

Mikah is the joyful wife to her husband, Joey, and the excited (slightly exhausted) new mommy to Eleanor. When she is not chasing her newly mobile daughter around the house (and keeping her away from the stairs!), she writes children's sermons for her church, posts about her life and thoughts on with her husband, and crafts and reads in any spare time she can get! She and her husband are passionate about family worship, teaching an unfiltered Gospel to our children, and equipping families (especially fathers) with tools to lead their families to life-long relationships with God.

Lessons learned from my daughter in the early hours of the morning

It is late, pitch black, but the sounds of the party downstairs still break through the thin barriers of our dark room. We are so happy to be with old friends during the day, but nighttime, as the only parents in the group, is a struggle. Our little social butterfly has finally surrendered to sleep when, bang! “Happy New Year” rings throughout the house. Body tenses, eyes snap open, a whimper turns into a pitiful wail that speaks volumes of her exhaustion. I lift my warm, heavy bundle who, somehow, still fits perfectly against my chest. As I settle into bed, she struggles against the restraints of comfort, wanting to fast forward to morning, to action. 

I wonder how often I too overlook, wish away, the comfort and security gifted to me by the One who knows my needs best in favor of more entertainment, more drama, more noise. With blankets surrounding us, my little girl begins to settle. She has everything she needs: warmth, tenderness, the rhythm of a heart that loves her so. Almost released to sleep, nearly trusting in the arms that encircle her, she jerks awake in favor of consoling herself with an old habit.  

A body must remain rigid and alert to calm itself, but the thumb eventually falls out. In that moment, with manufactured security gone, there is a choice – does the body awaken, muscles groan, to retrieve that old safety net or does the body finally succumb to the security and comfort of its surroundings and choose rest? 

Do I continue to work doggedly, wearing myself thin, to feel confident and secure or do I choose to trust my Father asks me to just give it all to Him? 

 My greatest fears, my daily anxieties are so small in His great hands. In the final moments of my fatigue, I wonder why I did not just surrender earlier.
Old habit. 
 The filthy rags of my security blanket have never been able to cover me, but the desperate need to find solace in an immediate, visible security is too great. But there is a Promise, a fulfillment He provides that is so great that even the shadow of His Cross can cover all doubt and insecurity. 

And so I rest. Like my daughter, I finally let go and allow myself to fall into loving arms. I trust the heart of the One who surrounds me with His presence.


  1. That is so beautiful! How wonderful it is to learn about our relationship with God with the things around us.


    1. Thank you Iris. I've always enjoyed the small windows God has provided to see his glory, but I have received so much more since having my little girl.

  2. Mikah, your thoughtfulness is always so encouraging and I am so thankful to call you a friend. Sorry for being one of the friends to wake sweet El, glad that the Lord has taught you great things in the midst of it all.

    1. Thanks, Taylor. Don't worry, we got through it and we still love you guys. :) But it's these moments when God teaches me the most - my weakness shows me his strength.


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