Thursday, January 31, 2013

My baby's crying!

What? We got a baby that cries? Go figure!

The first 2 weeks with our baby girl were exhausting, but quiet. Perhaps that was her gift to us...not crying. She was such an angel! She only fussed a little when hungry or needed a diaper change, and we were very happy with our calm no-crying baby.

And then one night everything changed! 2 weeks after she was born, she started crying.
And kept on crying no matter what we tried to do!
For the next few weeks, sweet pea proceeded to have these crying fits that lasted anywhere from 20 minutes to 2-3 hours!

Now, I've been around babies enough to know that they cry sometimes, but this seemed different. She was so upset, and everything we did just seemed to make it worse!
She developed quite the scream and would sometimes get so worked up that she wouldn't be able to breathe well. As a new parent, this was overwhelming and scary. We didn't know what was going on with our sweet baby girl!
We thought maybe she was sick...and prayed that she wasn't colicky. 

It broke my heart. I felt like a bad mom. Shouldn't I automatically know what was wrong? Several times, I was so upset myself that I would just cry right along with her. It was terrible.

Finally, we started to take notice of when she was crying and what helped calm her. I realized that if she was really in pain (like gassy or colicky) that it wouldn't all of a sudden go away when she fell asleep. 
After a couple weeks of this we were finally able to piece together why our baby was crying so much. 
She was tired but wouldn't let herself fall asleep! She fought sleep so hard to the point of sheer exhaustion!

Every time I put her down during the day it seemed she would start up crying again. When she would finally fell asleep, it was usually right on my chest and she would wake up when I moved her. Finally, I decided I needed some sort of baby carrier so I could get things done. 
I bought a Moby Wrap and it has been AMAZING!
It swaddles her real tight which calms her and helps her relax so she can fall asleep while still being close to her mom.

We still haven't quite figured out how to help sweet pea get to sleep and stay asleep, but it's a process and we are figuring her out!

One thing that we just recently started is from the book Happiest Baby On The Block. My friend Megan from The Mrs and a few other friends had told me to try the 5S's. They are: 
1. Swaddling
2. Side (putting your baby on their side)
3. Shhhing (or some sort of white noise)
4. Swinging
5. Sucking

My hubby and I watched this video together to help us put the 5 S's into practice.  
We had gotten halfway through the video when we took a break to eat dinner. During that break, sweet pea started to get fussy so my hubby jokingly told me to SSSHHHH right in her ear like the guy does. I laughed but did it just like the guy on the video did. I don't know what happened, but her eyes closed and she fell asleep, just like that!
It freaked us out. 
Jimmy said he was worried I had cast a spell on her!

It does seem to work unbelievably well! So if you are a mom looking for ways to soothe your crying baby, I highly recommend watching the video and trying the 5 S's. 

Yes, our baby still cries, but we are finally figuring out how to understand and help her. I guess it's all part of being a new parent!
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  1. so glad it's working for you! I studied that book like crazy w my first!

  2. Our girls seem to be on the same schedule. She is much fussier this week than the last 2 weeks, and will not let me put her down. We love our Moby too! It's the only way I get to eat or do anything during the day.
    A lot of moms have recommended the 5 S's. I'm gonna make hubs watch the video with me later and hope we have some luck too.

  3. She is precious! Congrats!! I love the Moby! It allows you to be hands free too.

    We read that book when Matthew was born. I know every baby is different, but the swaddling really helped him sleep. We would wrap him up tight like a little burrito (and he would always manage to wiggle at least one hand out at night time).

    I hope Kaleight will continue to be a good baby and sleep for you. She is precious!

  4. I LOVE moby wrap! It was a life saver!Haha!

  5. Ha, that's so funny about the "shhhhh"-ing! W cried alot the first month because of gassiness, and those infant gas drops worked wonders. And Gwen cries too, but hers was related to stomach aches because of a food allergy I think - it started up right around wo weeks with fussiness and changes in her diaper. I'm thinking it's peanuts because she's been doing alot better since I cut that out. Babies cry though, for lots of reasons, it sounds like you are taking it in stride!

  6. I don't remember either of my boys fighting sleep...but Chloe certainly is! It's exhausting for both of us! :-) I've tried carrying her in a wrap before but she hasn't seemed to like it. :-(

  7. Oh goodness, a little screamer! We were warned today at Baby Girl's two week appointment that if she starts screaming for hours on end that it's perfectly normal...I guess we've got something to look forward to.

  8. First of all...*hugs.* It's tough being a new Mum and learning your baby's needs. :) I had some ideas I wanted to share, since you asked for advice.

    Another similar book to "Happiest Baby on the Block" is called the "Baby Whisperer." You can find it on Amazon, etc. That book is fantastic for teaching routines (eat/awake/sleep) and helping know when to put your Baby to bed before she is overtired. My boys always cried when they were overtired too. Plus, the book has a great section with trouble-shooting specific issues and getting answers that really help. Based on that book, some principles from "Happiest Baby" and some principles from "Baby Wise" I had great sleepers & happy babies who only cried when they had a burp or gas. :)

    The biggest help for us was doing the eat/awake/sleep routine and putting our babies down for naps at the same time every day (which decreases as they age of course). By doing this, their bodies were used to getting tired at that time which greatly decreased crying time until they learned to not cry anymore at nap or bedtime. :) Same thing with bedtime. And we would always do the SAME routine EVERY time (sing a song, prayer, kiss, lay down in bed). This helped them know that nap time was coming and gave them time to settle down.

    Enjoy these moments...they go by so fast as I'm sure you've already noticed. :)

    1. Oops! Lest you think I had perfect newborn babies who only cried when they had a burp/gas...I meant to say that after much consistency they eventually learned to only cry when they had burps or gas. It took some time, but it was so worth it. Sounds like you're already getting the soothing routine down with your sweet, little girl. :)

  9. Oh dear! I remember those times!! Makayla didnt cry too much (that I remember anyways..thats part of having mommy brain!) but I do know we invested in a Sleep Sheep and it was WONDERFUL! She loves the whale noises..always put her to sleep! White noise is GREAT (in fact..I still use this when putting her down for a nap/bedtime) whatever works! And no your not a bad takes time to figure what works and what doesnt for your little one!! ;-)

  10. Hang in there! Sometimes babes just go through a rough patch. You're a great mom!

  11. That's great advice and I'm glad you were finally able to figure out how to calm her down! We're about to have our first baby, and I'm nervous about challenges like this! We live in an apartment, too...can't imagine what crying like that will do to our neighbors!

  12. We use this fan that makes a loud white noise, it helps my girls sleep a lot better! Good luck, I know how hard it is to hear them cry. No matter how much you tell yourself, "all babies cry sometimes and it's not the end of the world," it still always seems like the end of the world!!

  13. We use this fan that makes a loud white noise, it helps my girls sleep a lot better! Good luck, I know how hard it is to hear them cry. No matter how much you tell yourself, "all babies cry sometimes and it's not the end of the world," it still always seems like the end of the world!!

  14. I loved that book and found the 5 s's really helpful as well. The crying is so frustrating. I feel like my daughters fussiness peaked about 6 weeks and got better from there, Hang in there!

  15. Girl, my baby cries all the time too. Anytime she is awake, she is crying. So I feel you in your pain! I may have to invest in that book as well! Let us know how it all works out!

  16. I could have written this EXACT post 2 months ago! My baby is now 3.5 months and around 2.5 months she finally stopped crying like that, still fights it a little but its a world of difference! Hang in there it will pass!

  17. Matthew loves being swaddled it makes him instantly stop and loud music for sure :)

  18. Great job momma! We used the 5s as well! they are great but remember you have to do ALL of them for it to work when she's really upset.

    You also should try a noise maker. Your daughter sounds A LOT like my little girl and we used a vacuum when she was really upset...seriously she would be hysterical and we would turn on the vacuum and she would be OUT within minutes! She still sleeps with a hepafilter which makes white noise in her room. We didn't need the vacuum long but it helped a ton! I won't lie and tell you there were nights that we kept it on all night! It's crazy how quickly and amazingly it worked.

    Good luck! She'll grow out of this and probably be a great toddler. We had a rough start but our daughter is a great sleeper now.

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  20. Oh gosh, I think those 5 S's saved us! Seriously! And he shows you how to swaddle, excellent! What we found that worked for us to get baby to sleep and stay asleep was SUPER loud ocean waves. We had a CD of lullaby's that had ocean waves on it, we put it on repeat, put the volume up higher then a normal human can handle and it worked EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Although sleeping with super loud ocean waves got old really fast! But if it keeps baby asleep, we're all for it. We tired those noise machines but as soon as it turns off, baby would wake up. So this is what worked for us. Good luck. Sounds like you're on the right track though! Good job Mama!

  21. With Durham, we had to use the swaddler with the velcro to keep his arms in there until about 5 months. If his arm came out, he would wake up! Also, music still and he is 18 months old!

  22. We swaddle our daughter, and it makes a big difference in her ability to sleep. If her hands get free, she is much more likely to wake herself up. I also have a wrap similar to a Moby, and it has been a great help also. It makes it very easy to go out and run errands with our daughter and still have both of my hands free. Plus she usually falls asleep in the wrap.


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