Thursday, January 3, 2013

What to pack in a diaper bag

Hi there! I am so thrilled to be guest posting for Faith! I was immediately drawn to her blog when I found it not too long ago. I love her quiet spirit and sincere attitude. She really shows the love of Christ to others. I have enjoyed reading about her journey to mommy-hood. 

Oh yeah, who am I? My name is Tiffany and I blog over at Little Gems. I blog mostly about being a Christian, wife, new mommy, registered nurse and Hair bow maker all at one time. I sell little girl hairbows and headbands in my etsy shop Little Gems Creations. I love my husband and daughter more than anything. When I'm not in bloggy land you can find me hanging out with them.

In honor of Faith having a baby I have decided to share my list for what to pack in a diaper bag. 

Cleaning out my diaper bag yesterday I started thinking about how in the beginning, when I first brought Emerald home, I had her bag stuffed full of this and that and mostly a lot of things I did not need. It took me a few trips to town and out of town to figure out what was the most useful and what could be left at home. Of course, this is my opinion and is tailored to my baby's needs. You may find your needs are different. Also keep in mind that this is for a newborn to 5ish month old and for a breastfed baby. To each own.

1. A Diaper Bag. My diaper bag is a Thirty-One gifts product. it was not my first choice and I probably will downsize sometime soon and just use this bag as an overnight bag. However, It has been a good bag. I like the roomy size and I found it had plenty of pockets which is important. I was attracted to the classic print and personalization. What can I say? I'm a sucker for embroidery. Let me know what diaper bags you like as I'd like to look for a new one.

The "Cindy" Tote

2. Diapers..well yeah.
I started out with Pampers Swaddlers and used those until size 2. Now I use Target Brand. I started out keeping about 10 diapers in my bag, you never know with a newborn. Now I keep about 5-6 in there. You can't really go wrong packing diapers, after all it is a "Diaper" bag. 

3. Baby Wipes.
At first I kept an entire pack of baby wipes in my bag, then I was gifted with a lovely embroidered (surprised?) wipes case to match my bag from my sis in law who happens to have the cutest Etsy Shop called Daintee Designs. Now I keep just enough to fill up the case. I went through many different types of wipes as I received them as gifts at my baby shower. As a result I figured out which ones I didn't like. My favorite so far are One and Done by Huggies. They smell so fresh.
4. Extra clothes for baby.
I keep a minimum of 2 changes of clothes in my bag. Usually 1 full set and then an extra onesie. Without fail, the one time I forgot to pack them I ended up with a naked child. Also don't forget to replace the extra outfits as they grow. You don't want a newborn onesie for your 3 month old as the only choice in your diaper bag.
I just used this opportunity to put a pic of a cute onesie here. Target of course. 

5. Pacifiers.
Love them, hate them , don't use them or hoard them. Like I said, to each his own. We don't leave home without at least 2. 
her current faves. There are such cute ones out there. 
Target (catching a common theme here?)
6. Nursing Cover.
We nurse and E is a little bottle snob so this is essential if we go out in public. I actually don't like my cover but here is one that I do like.
7. Changing Pad.
We use our portable changing pad very often. It's so handy to have when you need to do a quick diaper change anywhere other than home. Wipes clean, has extra pockets and comes with an extra wipes case. It folds up nice and neat and has a strap if you need to carry it solo. Gotta have it.
8. Burp Cloth.
Spit up, drool, name it. Just pack one...or two.
9. Extra Blanket. 
When my baby was itty bitty we never left home without an extra blanket. Handy for keeping warm, covering the car seat from nosy people in Target and it can act as an emergency burp cloth or changing pad in case you forgot to pack #7 and #8. We still bring one along. A smaller one. 
10.  Extra Shirt for mommy. 
Do yourself a favor and stick a shirt (that you don't wear often and won't miss) in the bottom of your diaper bag. I've never had to use mine but it's there and it comforts me.

A basic tee that you won't be embarrassed to wear.
11. A Toy.
This is a recent addition to my diaper bag. Until now, I never had need for a toy but I'm finding it helpful now to keep her entertained in the event that we are stuck waiting somewhere. My mom recently gave E this teether book and she is crazy about it. We carry it with us everywhere we go now. 
12. Hand Sanitizer.
At the request of my husband I am adding this to the list. In all honesty ,he uses it more than I do nowadays but it was nice to have in the beginning we were all germaphobe on everyone. Plus Bath and Body makes the cute cases that strap onto your bag and make a fun little accessory. Never hurts to have some on hand. 

I am sure I could add a few more things but when I stop and think of what is absolutely necessary, these things pop up first. So here you are. I hope you found this helpful. 
What are some things that you find necessary to keep handy? Let me know in the comments. 



  1. Simple is always better!! Leaves more room for all the stuff you want to buy and shove in it lol.

  2. Agreed!!! When they are real little..I ALWAYS made sure I had some Gripe Water in my diaper bag!!

  3. This is a really nice post!! I never like diaper bags and instead just had a big purse/bag instead of two things hanging off my arm plus two babies and 5 other little children. I always kept a backpack in the van for those emergencies any of us might have.


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