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Mommy Moments #33

Hey mamas!
Welcome back for another great week of Mommy Moments Link Ups! Thank you for linking up and for spreading the word! I'm loving all of the great posts!

I've got a mom-related question for you all this week.
I keep going back and forth on the whole "sleep training" thing. 
Did you sleep train your babies? Why or why not? If you did, what method did you use? 

The most viewed link from last week's Mommy Moments belongs to Samantha from Hooah and Hiccups and her Modern Mama post!
Samantha writes about her love for fashion even as a mama. Forget the "mom" jeans, sweatpants and undone hair, Samantha gives some great tips for being a fashionista mom even on a budget! I hope you stop by her blog and check out the post.

This week we have Cara from Thoughts of Cara as our guest host. I hope you stop by and pay her a visit!
The Building of a House and a Family 

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  1. I did a whole post on sleep on last weeks mommy moments but the best book I read on sleep was "healthy sleep habits happy child." I did do sleeping training at 9 months with my first will probably do it sooner with my newst one.

  2. Hi Faith, Im new here and cant wait to meet friends. Thanks for hosting! Im your newest follower!


  3. We're doing babywise with Ivy and it seems to have worked really well. I know there are a lot of strong feelings about whether it's good or not (especially in the UK) but we found it suits us as I'm a very structured person anyway.

    We started a routine at about 2 months I think. At night we'd put her down at the same time every day after a feed with some music and tried controlled crying for a while. We were blessed that she's a good sleeper and it didn't take her long to learn to self soothe.
    Again, people have very strong opinions about crying it out, but for us I'm glad we did it in the early days. Ivy will go down to bed and naps with hardly any fussing now and has slept through the night from early on.

    I feel like I'm writing an essay so I'll stop here. Email me if I can help in any other way! :)

  4. Sorry. I am not up on all the current methods or names for them.

    We wanted our babies to be able to soothe themselves back to sleep, if necessary, and to be good sleepers.

    We would go in there and talk in normal voices and I would even vacuum in their rooms when the first came home from the hospital. Nothing disturbed them and they got used to the noise so were good night sleepers.

    However, I did try to be careful at naptime when my second came along, just in case, lol! Thank you for hosting today!

  5. Linking up again! I love this hop :)

  6. Dawn here from Spatulas On Parade. I linked up and as a mom of adult kids and now a grandma I can say "been there done that" and it does get easier in some ways and harder in others. I never tried to train my kids to sleep. They were on a schedule for naps and bedtime from birth and feeding was when they were hungry. things change and people try to hard to do simple things. Love your page and the mom to moms.

  7. I totally understand your confusion, when we had our first people kept asking us if we were sleep training! People are very opinionated on the subject so you really need to find what works for you and TRUST your instincts as her mom, you know her best! I read the major books like babywise but in the end they weren't for us, we helped give our baby a consistent routine but I strayed away from the strict schedule of babywise cause that just wasn't our style and everyone I knew that used it was constantly stressed cause their kid wasn't doing what the book said! As long as she is sleeping and eating well you are doing great :)

  8. Thank you for hosting this linkup today. I enjoyed reading the guest post's blog tonight. Have a great day!!

  9. started following you after finding your link up!!! Cute blog!! I'll definitely be reading some of your tutorials!! :)


  10. Hello!! I just found your adorable blog through the GFC blog hop!! And am now following...

  11. I think our son actually sleep-trained us! :-) Thanks for the great post & for hosting & God bless!

  12. We just make sure to start a predictable bedtime routine every night at the same time then keep it dark and quiet all night. It seemed to work pretty well with both kids. But each kid is different so I don't know if we just got lucky.


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