Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Date night after baby

I used to post pretty regularly about our date nights.
We set aside Thursday nights after we were married as the night we would spend just hanging out together.
I love my hubby and love spending time with him! No reason that dating needs to stop once the knot is tied right?

So many of you may wonder...is it possible to keep that fun dating life going after having a baby?

Well, I will admit, I was worried.
 The weeks leading up to sweet pea's birth, I acted like every date with my hubby would be our last.
I literally thought that my "fun" life would end and being a mom would keep me from enjoying a lot of the things that I loved to do. 

So I was looking forward to being a mom...but dreading it at the same time.

When sweet pea was born, it was flu season, so that did prevent us from getting out at first. But that didn't stop us from still spending time together doing something fun like playing a game, or having a movie night while sweet pea was napping!
Our first date out after she was born was when she was about 2 weeks old and we left her with my mom for about an hour to go get dinner together.
Although I didn't really want to leave my baby, I can't tell you how refreshing it was to have that time away with my hubby!

After sweet pea was about a month old, we decided to brave it and start taking her out with us! We even got to go out on Valentines Day!
It was great at first until sweet pea started crying every time we went to a restaurant. At that point, it was tempting to give up. Date nights started to get a little stressful because we were both so worried about her crying and what we would do if she did. 

So for a couple of weeks, we had date nights in. I cooked a nice dinner and blew up the air mattress in the living room so we could stay up late watching movies. Slumber party!
It ended up being better than dinner out!

 Although we still have our occasional date night in, we have learned through trial and error that if we wait to go to the restaurant until our baby is asleep for the night (about 8PM) then we can enjoy our dinner just the two of us and we aren't just worried about her crying. This last Thursday we walked around at the mall till she fell asleep and then enjoyed a nice dinner at Cheddars outside on their patio! It was probably one of the best dates we've ever had...and no one would have guessed there was a snoozing baby under the table:)

Some dates just consist of walking around at the park, holding hands, talking, and enjoying life together! 
I think those might be the best kind:)

Give it a try! Even after you have a baby, take time to enjoy life with your spouse! Figure out what works the best for you and your hubby and stick with it. You won't regret it.

What are your tips for dating after having a baby?
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Colossians 3:17 
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  1. My hubs and I didn't have a date night until our daughter was about 9 months, I think. Even now, (our daughter is 2.5 yo now) we go on a date once every few months, if that. But we spend time together every night before bed. Even if it's just watching tv. Time together is essential, we learned. :)

  2. We do a lot of home date nights now that we have 2 little ones, but we try to do things that will build our relationship more than just watching a movie (though that's always fun too!) ;)

    I wrote about our best ideas here:

    another thought is to find another couple and swap babysitting nights with them. that way you both can have date nights out and you don't have to worry about paying a sitter. :)

  3. Great idea to wait until after baby is asleep for dinners out. I'm worried about my "fun"life after baby too, but I know it'll just be a little adjusting to make it work.

  4. That was my worry too after we had our daughter! I thought there will no more date nights for me and hubby but since I had our baby, we always make sure that we go on a date night once a week. My husband's parents lives closer to us and they watch our daughter for us so we go on a date. That's what Grandpa and Grandma's for! lol

  5. The best date nights (for now with two little ones) are movie nights, at home!

  6. Date nights are so important! SO glad you all are finding the time even with baby, i know a lot of couples struggle with this:)

  7. I agree about the simple dates being te best ones! I'm a first time mom to be (July 2013) and I have been wondering about how our dates would be after our baby arrives. Can't wait to find out ;)

  8. i am glad you two still invest in your relationship!

  9. I nominated you for the Leibster award! Check it out here: http://myblessingsareborrowed.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-leib-what.html

    Happy Blogging! :)

  10. Fantastic! Well done for making the effort, because it is an effort those first few couple of times when baby is still new :)

    Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link-Up! :)

  11. Hi Faith! I just started following you through the Bloglovin' Blog Hop. You have a great blog going on here! You write about the things I am interested in. I really liked this post about dating. My husband and I have a 1 year old daughter and have no family nearby. We are lucky to have some great friends who do babysitting swaps with us so no one has to pay for a babysitter. I highly recommend babysitting swaps. They are great!


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