Monday, April 22, 2013

Sweet Pea is 4 months!

 It seems like just yesterday I was writing your 3 month update. I'm amazed by how much you have grown in just a month. Will you stop that already? I want to keep you my sweet cuddly baby forever! I wish I could explain just how special you are to me and your daddy. We love you so much!

Happy 4 months Sweet Pea!
Age: 4 months old

 Weight: 14 pounds, 12 ounces
Height: 24.5 inches

Milestones: You are officially on the move! Not quite crawling, but you have started scooting pretty well. and can go from reclining to sitting up on your own. You are really good at rolling from your front to your back and are just about rolling the other way too. Mama's gotta keep an eye on you now!

When you were 13 weeks, you scared the crap out of your daddy. We had been laying you down on your back on the big rocking chair for your naps. Well, this particular evening, you had been sleeping for about 30 minutes and Jimmy decided to check on you. Thank God he did because you had worked your way off of the arm of the chair and your head was hanging over the edge. Yes that was a bad parenting moment but we are glad it ended well!

You found your toes a few weeks ago. You LOVE them. I think they may be your favorite thing to play with these days. You even stick them in your mouth sometimes!
Your toes are finally starting to touch in the excersaucer. I can't believe it! Seems like just yesterday they were inches from the floor.

You left mom and dad's room this month and started sleeping in your own room. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was but it didn't phase you one bit! You look so tiny in your big crib!

Sleep: You were sleeping great for about a week. You would go for an 8 hour stretch from 8P-4A. You stopped that though and are back to getting up anywhere from 4-5 hours at a time. You also like to wake up waaaaayyy before mom is ready to get up every morning. Sometimes as early as 5:30 or 6, you are up for the day! 
Your naps are not nearly as long or often as they used to be. You usually take about 4 naps a day anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. 
Your favorite place to sleep is still on mom!

Best Moments: 
You have been so much fun to interact with. You are so smiley and your little giggle is to die for!

You have had fun playing with your cousins Madison and Matthan this month!
Photo: Cousinly love❤e

One of your favorite parts of the day is when we get to go outside. We are pretty happy it's spring! You like to lay out in the back yard with me while we get some long as the sun stays out of your eyes!
But hey that's what those awesome shades are for right?

We had a great time visiting Matt and Nicole again this month. 
You even got to meet your friend Jake! I think he liked you:)

You had a bad cold for a couple of weeks and we had to use the bulb syringe on you every night. That is my least favorite thing to do to you and I think you feel the same way about it so we won't talk about it anymore.

Eating Habits:
During the day you eat about every 3 hours or so and at night you go about 4-5 hours in between. We are just breastfeeding right now and are waiting a bit on solids! You are starting to be a distracted eater and you hate when I use the cover in public because you can't see what's going on! I remember just a few months ago when you would just lay under there quietly and eat....not anymore!

Special Memories:
There are so many great memories from this month! 
We went for a walk as a family in the park one night when it was warm and showed you the ducks!

You were the cutest little Easter baby

You love taking walks in your stroller. Now that it is finally nice outside, we go on a lot of walks! You also love being around other people you little social butterfly!
Here's one of my favorite photos of you rocking your shades with Chelsea:)
Photo: Hanging with @chelshuber
I think you know you're cute!

This month you have become more of a daddy's girl (which he loves of course!)
 You love it when he gets home from work and plays with you. Your favorites are flying through the air, whooshing up in the air and pretty much anything that is thrilling. You just might be a danger seeker!

 Here's a video of you talking to him one night when he came home from work!

You love to be outside and have the wind blow in your face. It makes you laugh out loud!
You are a big fan of your toys too!
Your cow seems to be one of your favorites....that's just proof you really are my daughter!

The past couple of weeks you have been mimicking people when they are eating. You close your mouth all tight and move your jaw up and down like you are chewing. It's pretty adorable,  and it's even cuter when you chew on your hands! I barely ever see you without your fingers or toes in your mouth these days!
 You discovered your image in the mirror this month and find it absolutely fascinating. Sometimes you smile at it, try to claw at the mirror to find that other baby or just stare at it. It's hours of entertainment!

I love hearing you laugh and seeing your pretty smiles.
 I wish I could stop time and just keep you this way. You are so sweet, so much fun, and so adorable. You make being a mom the best job in the world!

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  1. I really love how you do this post every month....such a great way to keep track of little changes and milestones in Kaleigh's life.

    She is such a cutie!!

    Iris♥ @ The BlueBirdhouse
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  2. I love all the details and pictures that show your love for her. She is the best dressed baby! Do you have a tutorial for the Easter headband? I want one for Bella.

  3. Faith - I love this. What great memories. She looks so adorable.... Liam and I just watched and looked at the photos. We can't wait until you come and we get to meet her. Love you!

  4. I love the pictures of the cousins together! and the mirror one!

  5. Enjoyed all the pics of your little girl!!

  6. Aw Faith, I just love her!! Still can't believe that she can physically do so much! Such a cutie.

  7. Gorgeous photos, you're capturing her babyhood beautifully!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer
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  8. Aww, She is just too precious!!! She looks so strong! I love her little cow. :)

  9. What a precious baby girl! I love seeing all her outfits in your posts! She is growing so fast

  10. Fantastic post. She's precious! I like how you broke down the info into different categories and how you are talking TO her. I might steal this idea for my own kid (due in 6 weeks), if that's okay!

  11. So precious! We are pregnant with our 3rd and I can't wait to meet her. Hi! I’m your newest follower from Thumping Thursdays. I'm following you via twitter @amomblogdesign. Please stop by and say hi when you have a chance. I'm also hosting a blog hop later this afternoon if you would like to join us :) Hope you're having an awesome week.

    April from:
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  12. That is one adorably precious baby you've got there! Kudos to you for keeping a "journal" that she will really cherish one day. And gratz on being a beautiful mama :)
    Saw this one on Tuesday Baby Link Up

  13. Aw, she is so adorable!

    Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link-Up! :)


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