Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweet Pea is 7 months old!

I'm actually beginning to dread writing these posts. It means another month has gone by and my sweet baby girl is growing up. A few weeks ago, I said without thinking in regards to something that happened earlier this year, "when Sweet Pea was a baby..." and my hubby laughed and said, "babe you know she is still a baby right?" 
I know it's silly, but you've changed so much in just 6 months. I don't view you as that little baby anymore. You're getting so big!

You have become quite the crawling champ. I can hardly keep up with you. I still find it so adorable to watch your tiny little self crawl across the big floor! Every now and then you do a graceful face plant and look up at me with pitiful puppy dog eyes. Then you just resume your journey like the tough girl you are!

A few weeks ago you started waving. At first it seemed like it was random, but now you actually wave back at people! It's so sweet! You are so friendly. When I take you out places you smile and wave at everyone and it always brings a smile to their face. 

I'm not sure if you have actually made the connection with words and their meaning yet, but you do say dada! You also babble A LOT...I find it adorable...unless we are somewhere where we need to be quiet! Your favorite noise to make is "bababababa". You repeat that for 5 minutes at a time sometimes!

I also caught you reading a book all by yourself last week. Look at you so grown up!

You have gotten very good at pulling yourself up on things. I even find you in your crib standing up, which is so not helpful for nap time!

Sleeping: Listen sister, we've got to work something out with your nighttime habits.  There have been nights where you were up 7-8 times. I lose track after that many! I think your teeth bother you at night, so I have been babying you a bit. I do like our nighttime cuddles, but let's keep them down to 1-2 alrighty? 
You've been going to bed anywhere from 8-9 and getting up for the day about 7. 

I know you are sleepy when you start to make this little sighing noise. When I lay you in your crib or are cuddling you to sleep, you just keep sighing until you fall asleep! In order to fall asleep, your little hand has to be stroking something, whether it's a blanket, sheet, mom's hair, or your cuddle bear. 
I can't help but fall more in love with you every time I watch you sleeping!

Eating: It has been so much fun introducing you to new foods this month. So far you have had:
Oatmeal cereal
Sweet Potatoes
Cantaloupe (your favorite)
Broccoli (your least favorite)
The mesh feeder has been a lifesaver. You get in moods where you want to do everything yourself and don't want help from mom. I just put some fruit or veggies in the feeder and you have at it. You do some major damage to that thing!

Special Memories:  
You are still a little squealer. Your voice is so are always making little noises. Your favorites are "dada" and "baba". We started having to take you out of the service at church because you talk so much! Oh boy...we are in for trouble once you really start talking:)

You started mimicking us like crazy this month. You watched me eating some chips a few weeks ago and now you like to pretend you are eating chips just like mama!
When you get excited about something, your eyebrows go up, your eyes light up and you start this cute little huffing and puffing thing. When you are crawling, you huff and puff all the way to whatever you were excited about!

You had an awesome first 4th of July! 
We went to a friends house where you hung out with your friends...
And this was your firework face lol!

It has been a lot of fun watching you make friends and play with other kids. I'm glad you have cousins and friends so close to your age to play with!

Now that you are big enough, I've been letting you ride in the front of the cart for shopping trips. You LOVE it! You laugh and squeal out loud and catch everyone's eye in the store isles. I'm glad I have a shopping buddy...and such a cute one at that!

One of my favorite moments of each day is watching your face when your daddy gets home from work. Even if you have had a rough day and are tired out your face instantly lights up. You always squeal and get so excited! 
You love it when he reads you your alphabet book. Your favorite page is the one with the mirror!
 When you're feeling extra sweet, you give your dad and mom kisses. We love it:)

You had your first trip to the fair this month and have already been to two little outdoor country concerts!
You even have your own first pair of cowgirl boots. How cute are they!

We are having such a great summer as a family of 3! We love having all these new experiences with you!

Looking Forward To: 
I can't wait to hear you call me mama and say I love you back. I know it might be a little while, but it's something I'm looking forward to!

Taking you camping! We are a little busy right now fixing up our house and getting ready to move so we haven't been able to go camping. It's something your daddy and I love. Hopefully in about a month and a half we will be ready to take some weekend vacations with you!
My sweet daughter, even in the busyness of life, I love every moment that I have with you. You are so much fun! I wish I could stop time and keep you like this forever, but since I can't, I'm trying to enjoy every cuddle, every kiss, every smile, every giggle, and even every cry for your mama because I know I'm going to miss this. We thank Jesus for you and for the little sunshine you are in our lives. We love you so much!

your mama


  1. Standing up?! Girl you must never get a break with that sweet girl always on the go!!

  2. Crawling and pulling herself up on things already!? Go Kaleigh! I catch myself doing the same thing to my husband..."remember when Sofia was a baby" It goes too quick!

  3. Your little girl is so cute! Cannot get over all the sweet pictures! And she is doing so much!! Thanks for lettin me guest host! I loved doing it!

  4. How adorable that she looks at books by herself! Love it! And where did you get that mesh feeder? What a neat idea!

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After

  5. Oh my gosh, that is so hilarious and clever of her to imitate you eating chips!! She is adorable, and she'll be saying mama before you know it. Mine just started that and it is just the sweetest thing to hear. :)


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