Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Sweet Pea is 10 months old!

Happy Ten Months Sweet Pea!
(This headband is a replica of one that is for sale in my new Etsy shop called Daisy Designed)

This month we noticed you becoming WAY more vocal. You know how to make the lion and the kitty noise. It's hilarious when you "roar"! Here's a list of the words you say so far!
tickle tickle
woof woof
 The cutest thing yet is when you say tickle tickle (sounds more like "tickoo tickoo") and reach your little hands up under mama or dada's chin to tickle us. It's the most adorable thing!
You have also learned to respond to the word "no" and are usually very obedient when we tell you not to touch something. We are still working on the fits you throw when you have to go to sleep though. You can be a feisty little thing!
You are the proud owner of 4 teeth now! Two on the bottom and two on the top. They. are. sharp. You bit me a few weeks ago and it got so infected I had to go on antibiotics. You have been warned...if it happens again, I am considering weaning you, and you probably will not like that.

I think you will be walking on your own soon...you do such a great job with your walker! Here's a video of you from 3 weeks ago!
Sleeping has been rough for us this past month. Part of the reason is because of your teething. You wake up SCREAMING and won't settle down unless I breastfeed you. It's definitely wearing on me, so we need to figure something out. Any mamas out there have a natural teething pain reliever?

You are an eating champ! You are still breastfeeding 4x a day and usually 2x a night. I think your favorite time of day is when you get to set down for dinner with mom and dad and eat grown up food! We started giving you shredded chicken this month and you seem to enjoy it a lot! The challenge for me is to try to cook healthy enough that I can give you little pieces of what we are eating. I've been a stickler about sugar, white flour and things that don't have nutritional value!

Special Memories
You have started to give hugs and snuggles to mom and dad and...well...pretty much anything. You were hugging a paper plate just a second ago. You especially love to give your stuffed animals and dolls big kisses on their noses! 

Grandpa and Buela came to visit this month as well! They were a lot of help on our house and you had fun getting to know them a little better as well:)
It was beautiful weather so we went on a picnic!
 You loved reading books with Abuela!
And Grandpa had fun taking pictures of your sweet face:)

Your personality has exploded this month and you have really started to interact a lot more as well!
Of course we cant help but laugh every time you dance. It's too cute!
You and your cousin Madison are best buddies these days. You even play chase together and there are lots of giggles involved! We took the two of you to a street festival and before too long, the two of you were completely worn out...leading to this cuteness!

You also got to play in a play place at your cousin's birthday party. You thought it was the coolest thing that you could see mom from way up there!

You and your dad have developed a pretty close bond this last month. You love it when he plays with you and especially when he gets his guitar out. You even try to play along!
Just last week we went on a hayride to the pumpkin patch with some friends. You proved to be a real country girl at heart just like your mama. You got to drive a tractor and everything!

Dear sweet pea,
You bring dozens of smiles to my face every single day with your hugs and kisses, the cute faces you make and the silly things you do! You are so full of personality! You make being a stay-at-home mama the best job in the world for sure. I'm excited to watch you grow and discover the world as you are already. We pray for you each night that you will grow to be a woman of God and love and serve Him. I can't wait to see what month 11 brings! Love you baby!
Love, mama.
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Colossians 3:17 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ


  1. This is a such a sweet post! I am so sorry about the biting and getting infected! My baby girl only has one tooth and bit me really badly the other day, it is not a good feeling!


  2. awww she is so precious! I'm amazed by how vocal she is! :)

  3. Oh my, she is so adorable! I can't believe it's been 10 months!! Adorable.

  4. Oh and this is our teething lifesaver (frozen ice or during the the day frozen peas, etc.) http://www.drugstore.com/munchkin-fresh-food-feeder/qxp95236

  5. Ah, I am STILL waiting for Gwen to get some teeth! It feels like she's been teething all year.

  6. Your daughter is so cute! She is couple weeks younger than my son. She is so vocal

  7. Absolutely adorable <3 And Happy 10 months to a darling little girl ;) Thanks for sharing at our All Things Thursday blog hop!!


  8. What a doll - happy 10 months.

    stopping by for Wordless Wed :)


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