Friday, December 13, 2013

Bloglovin' Blog Hop #40

 Welcome to the Bloglovin' Blog Hop!
Welcome to week #40 and the final week of the Bloglovin' Blog Hop! 
Yes, you read correctly. I have decided to discontinue the Bloglovin' Blog Hop, not because I don't love this blog hop and all of you who so faithfully link up, but I am finding that I no longer have the time to be putting it all together.
I have gotten so busy planning scheduled link ups that I'm not able to devote the time that I do have to writing meaningful posts. I would like to get back into the habit of that. 
I may resume the Bloglovin' Blog Hop one day when things slow down a bit for me but for now, I'm putting it on hold. Thank you to each of you who follow along with me and are so faithful at linking  up and spreading the word! I couldn't have done this without you :)

Now for one last great Bloglovin' Blog Hop...let's make it the best yet!
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