Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Month With Our One Year Old

Can I just say that being one must be awesome?
At least that's how you make it seem. I have never smiled or laughed so much in my life as I watch you enjoy the world around you. Maybe it just got better because you learned to walk!
Yup! The week you turned one, you decided you weren't a baby anymore and your toddler days were born. Here are your first 10 steps in a row!

You also decided that since you are a big girl now that you would learn to talk. You have gotten great at communicating and you are learning new words every day!

Words you know so far: 
hello, hi, bye, no, yes, this, mama, dada, baby, eat, dog, fish, woof, moo, meow, neigh, baaa, quack, whoo, vroom vroom (car noise), bath, eye, and ball.

You've gotten really good at trying to repeat what we say. It doesn't always sound like the word but you are trying really hard!

We had a fun Christmas with you in Minnesota! You were so cute in your little Christmas outfit!

 It was so fun to see playing with my family and your little cousins!

Don't worry, we also made time to stop and visit mama's cows on the farm. Of course!

You are still a daddy's girl. This is one of my favorite and most nerve-wracking photos as the two of you shared a bowl of spaghetti on our new couch. No stains though and we got a cute photo out of it all!
 You are also newly obsessed with my women's hospital cup.  It is a pretty awesome cup...I had to give birth to you to get it! I didn't even know you knew how to drink out of a straw but apparently the big kids taught you that when I wasn't looking! You are seriously the cutest ever.

 Your absolute favorite thing to do is watch the Veggie Tales theme song. If we even mention it, you squeal and dance!
Here's you dancing to it for the first time!

When we were in Minnesota, you finally got to experience the best sport ever: ice skating!

 The month of January it has been pretty cold here but you've kept busy by finger painting, visiting the zoo, going to the park and playing with your friends. Man you are a busy 1 year old!
That big cat wanted to eat you, but I kept you safe!


My favorite thing you do now is wink...with both eyes. Anytime someone winks at you, you scrunch your face up all cute and try to wink back! My favorite.

It seems like we have had every cold and flu out there this past month, so it's only fitting that you should learn to blow your nose!

Just last week, our friend Nicole came to visit. She's going to have her baby boy any day and I'm sure you will have lots of fun playing with him as he get's bigger. You had fun reading books, playing with Nicole, and giving her lots of hugs and kisses.

And if this doesn't make a person laugh, I don't know what will. You have so much fun playing with your daddy and picking on me! It's worth hearing that belly laugh and watching you have the time of your life. I love it!

This past month has been extra busy because I have been taking you with me to nanny. I watch a 2 year old girl and a 5 month old boy. You love playing with her and that makes the job even better! I'm glad I can bring you with me!

You also discovered your musician side when I took you down in the basement to pound on our old piano. I didn't know how much you would love it! You alternated piano playing with dancing and even a little singing! I hope you never lose your love for piano and I can't wait to teach you what I know!

This update definitely doesn't do your fun personality justice, but I will leave you with this photo to sum it all up. Happy 13 months girlie!

To my sweet baby, or should I say toddler? I have watched you change so much this past month. It's been bittersweet as I slowly have to admit you are no longer a little baby and can do many things on your own. After learning to walk, you have become very independent. I can even leave you in your room to play alone! Sometimes I peek in at you and see you reading books or playing with your dolly. My favorite is when I catch you singing to yourself or along with a song. Your voice is so sweet as you try to say all your new words. You make my heart happy. Your kisses and hugs are still the best part of my day, and I love how much you laugh and try to get everyone around you to laugh.  God has already used you to brighten up the world a bit and I know He has big plans for you. I love you so much!

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