Monday, January 27, 2014

Jesus Time for Mamas

I was not very disciplined about having my time with the Lord before I had a baby, so once my sweet daughter was born, as you can imagine, it seemed impossible. 
However, since K was born, my Jesus time has become much more important to me. I need it, trust me. Even just 15 minutes alone with the Lord helps me to be more loving, patient, hard working etc. The time with the Lord definitely makes me a better mom and wife. 
So you see, it's not an option to go without it!

Here are some secrets I've learned to ensure quiet time, even for a busy mama.

1. Schedule Your Time
I know it may not seem as genuine if it is scheduled, but if it's not planned, it's probably not going to happen. You will get caught up in your busy day and before you know it, you will be way too tired to read a word. 

2. Have a Backup Plan
If your scheduled time is while the kids eat breakfast, what happens if you get an important phone call and aren't able to be in the Word? Well, instead of just throwing it all out the window, have a plan B.
I have three possible times in the morning that I can have quiet time. If I miss one, I don't have to worry! There's 2 more chances!

Here are the 3 scenarios that work for me. It may not be the same for you, so you just have to find what works for you!

During breakfast
Sometimes I take this opportunity to include my daughter in my time with the Lord by reading her a chapter of the Bible. She loves it when I read to her, and I'm hearing the Word of God at the same time!

Bath time
Before you jump to conclusions, let me assure you that I do not leave K in the tub alone. I do however, sometimes stash my Bible and journal in the bathroom and while K is splashing away and enjoying her tub time, I can be right there but having some time with Jesus. It can be a little distracting, but you are still making opportunity for the Lord to speak into your life from the Bible.

Nap Time
This is most definitely the best time as there are no distractions, and it's easy to just focus on the Lord and your time with Him. Even if I've had some time during breakfast or bath time, I still try to take some time alone during K's nap to pray and just enjoy some quiet with the Lord, if you know what I mean!

3. Stick to it, EVEN if you don't feel like it
There are days when I'm exhausted and have a"to do" list that seems impossible. On those days, I don't really feel like reading my Bible. I know that I don't have to spend time with the Lord for Him to love me, but I also know that day will go 10x better if I've started it off right. Spending time with the Lord gets my heart in the right place and when my heart is in the right place, my actions follow. 
The Bible is one of the main ways that God speaks to us. If we aren't reading His word and spending time with Him, we aren't able to grow closer to Him and understand His will for our lives. 

Even on a rough day, you can step away from the chaos, frustration and whatever else you may be feeling and be reminded that you are chosen and precious in the sight of the God of the universe. Nothing is more important than that!
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Colossians 3:17 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


  1. LOVE this girl and 100 percent agreed with you! Jesus time is so so important especially for mamas. What great tips and advice. I try to wake up around 4:00am to get my Jesus time and it helps me so much and if I happen to sleep in nap times are great :)

  2. Agreed! Not sure I could do this parenting thing without the Lord.

  3. Having some Jesus time each day is so important! But you are right, it can be so tricky to get that time as a mama. I used to do my quiet times during my munchkin's nap time but then I started babysitting and now it is rare for me to have any alone time until later in the afternoon, during his second nap -during which time I like to blog or start dinner- or after he goes to bed. And by the end of the day I want to do nothing, so if I wait until then my quiet times really suffer. I made myself start waking up earlier (like, super early) in the mornings just so I could have a quiet time and know that it would be interrupted. It was so hard at first to get out of bed when I knew I could still sleep because he was still sleeping, but it has been good and I have come to cherish that morning time alone in the Word.

  4. Faith, thank you for sharing these tips. It is hard to have young kids and find time to spend in prayer and devotions. I have to get creative!

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