Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Anniversary Adventure

Our 3rd anniversary trip was so eventful, it earned it's own blog post! That's when you know it was a good one!
After spending a day in Chicago (read previous post on that here), we headed south to drop our daughter off with some friends so my hubby and I could have the weekend to ourselves for our anniversary. It was hard for me to think of spending the night without our daughter, but at the same time I knew she was in good hands and it was a good thing for my hubby and I to have time together, just us!

We had decided to go camping at a beautiful lake nearby. The sun was setting just as we got there to set up camp. It was gorgeous!

Once we got our tent set up and everything unloaded from the car, we decided to head back into town to get some groceries and dinner since we hadn't eaten. We got about 5 feet down the gravel road only to realize we had a flat tire.

Our first night alone since our daughter was born was not the ideal night for a flat tire, let me tell you! But we buckled down and popped the trunk to get the jack and tire iron so we could change the tire and get on with our happy vacation.
Oh, but the tire iron and jack were not there.
They were holding up hubby's fishing boat in the yard back home. 

Being that we were out camping in the middle of the woods with no one around, we had quite the predicament here. 
I suggested going to bed and dealing with it in the morning.
 In my world, going to bed is the answer. It all just seems better when I've had a good night's sleep!
But we were both hungry, so we decided to truck through the woods to find the RV campground and borrow a jack and iron. 

When we got to the main campground, we found a group of people around a fire and awkwardly explained our situation asking if we could borrow what we needed to change the tire. They were happy to help.

So we headed back into the woods (the dark woods now) with our weapons/tools and were happy to have found a solution to our problem!

Of course the tire iron did not fit the lug nuts on our tire. That would have been too simple, right?

So we trucked back through the dark woods to return the borrowed items. As we approached the group of people around the campfire, we couldn't tell which guy had loaned us the tools so Jimmy just walked up to the nearest guy. 
We didn't take into account however that he was walking up to someone in the dark with a tire iron in his hand. 
And, you guessed it,  it wasn't the guy who loaned it to us.
I'm sure he thought Jimmy was about to jump him because he took a jump back and said "can I help you?"

We quickly explained ourselves and returned the jack and tire iron to their owner.

At that point, we decided to call our friends who were watching our daughter close by and see if they I could bring us a jack and tire iron. Thankfully, they had what we needed and said they would bring it by! 

Finally we had what we needed and the tire was changed in no time. As our friends drove away, we got in our car, happy to be headed for food and click, click, the car wouldn't start! Was this a practical joke?

Before too long we had the car started and we were out to grab some midnight dinner and make a pit stop for some camping supplies. We had to drive under 40 mph since we had a spare on the car. That was fun on the interstate!

Finally we were slowly headed back to our campsite when something that looked like raindrops hit the windshield. Oh wait, it was rain drops. Yep. And of course we hadn't put the rain cover on our tent yet and all of our blankets and sleeping bags were just chilling out on the picnic table. 

We started to speed back to the campsite, but quickly remembered our cute little donut tire that didn't like to be sped on. So we just moseyed along laughing at our misfortune...and wondering if we shouldn't just get a hotel!

When we got back to our campsite the rain had slowed a bit so we put the cover on and got everything protected from the rain. 

We had a nice lull in the tragedies to enjoy a small fire and some dinner before heading to bed for a rainy, rainy night! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my daughter, but I can't explain to you how nice it was to just sit alone with my husband and talk! 

After cozying down in our sleeping bags for the night, I kept hearing noises outside our tent. 
There was an animal out there. 
I kept envisioning a mountain lion ripping through our tent,but eventually I dozed off and amazingly enough woke up still alive with rain pouring down all around us!

We had planned to go fishing, hiking and kayaking, but the rain wasn't on board with out agenda, so instead we packed all of our wet things into the car and headed to good ole' Walmart to get our tire changed. 
After a few more complications (our car not starting again, and the wrong tire being put on our rim), the storm and rain seemed to subside so we finally headed out to do some fishing and kayaking. We paddled our kayaks a few yards out on the big lake only to hear a huge peal of thunder!

At that point everything going wrong was hilarious. It was just how it was and we were having fun with it! So instead of calling it quits and heading home, we continued kayaking/fishing. It never really rained on the lake and the sun even came out. I guess the storm skipped over us, thankfully! We ended up having a nice relaxing time fishing, kayaking and just being together!

During this little anniversary adventure of ours, I made the comment to my hubby that everything going wrong was proof that your circumstances don't have to be perfect for you to be happy! We had a great time just being together and laughing together at all of the crazy things that kept happening.

When you love being together even in the midst of less than perfect circumstances, you know what you've got is the real deal.
I wouldn't trade a perfect anniversary trip for the memories made on this one! It was quite the start to our year three!
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  1. thanks for sharing your adventure and for your perspective of it...perspective makes ALL the difference!! Love you guys!!

  2. Oh my! That will be an anniversary that you won't soon forget! Good for you guys though keeping your sense of humor and still making the most of it!

    1. Haha yes! I would much rather have a memorable trip than a boring one :)

  3. Oh my goodness! Quite the adventure! Sounds like something that would happen to my husband and I too. Ha! :) Glad you got a getaway together.

    1. Haha yes, things always happen at the worst of times, right?


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