Tuesday, June 16, 2015

25 week bump update

How Far Along? 25 weeks and 5 days! 
Weight: I had an ultrasound at the specialist today and he is measuring at exactly 2 pounds! 
Heartbeat: 154

Movement: Feeling way more this pregnancy than I did with my first! I think his feet or knees are always hanging out right around my belly button and I can feel them so clearly when I push in there a bit. He kicks and pushes back which makes it so sweet! Even my husband said he can feel this little guy like he never did with our daughter. 

Morning Sickness: It's been a rough few weeks. By this time with my first, I feel like I wasn't having as many nauseous days as I still am, but that's part of it for me and I'm trying to stay positive! 

Weight Gain: At my last checkup (24 weeks) I had gained another 2 pounds putting me at a total of about 15 pounds gained total! The nurse encouraged me to try to gain a but more before my next appointment so I'm working on some ice cream sandwiches :)

Clothes: I am definitely showing a lot more than I was with my first so a maternity clothes shopping trip is in the makings, for sure! I would love to hear from other moms where they found their favorite maternity clothes! Leave me a link to your favorite maternity retailer whether it's an Etsy shop, small business, or chain store!

Best Moments: I have had so many great moments of feeling and watching him kick around in my belly. I don't take all that kicking for granted after my losses. Each movement is a sign of life and an amazing gift from God. 

Hard moments: There have been a lot of difficult moments emotionally with this pregnancy. God is teaching us to trust him with our son as we deal with a few possible health concerns for our boy. It's never easy to accept that there may be something wrong with your child, but God is faithful, even when things aren't perfect! And most of all we are thanking God that we have a kicking and growing baby! I plan to write more on this topic soon, but have been waiting until we know just a bit more. Continued prayers for a healthy baby are appreciated!

Sleep: I am sleeping really well at night, but still very tired by the end of the day!

Miss Anything: Being able to walk without my legs hurting and bend down without discomfort. It's happening already.

Cravings: I went through an ice cream and chocolate spurt there for a while so I definitely have had to practice self control! We are getting some pretty good lettuce, kale and spinach and green beans out of our garden now and I am enjoying that!

Aversions: Mexican food hasn't been sitting well with me and gives me heartburn and indigestion so we are staying away from that for now.

Mood: Starting to get anxious to meet my baby boy!

Other Symptoms: I have terrible varicose veins in my right leg that are pretty painful as well as a lot of right hip pain. I'm also still pretty nauseous most of the time which is not enjoyable. I'm hoping all that goes away in 3 months when he is born!

What Big Sister Thinks: She keeps asking when her little brother can "come over" so I think she's pretty excited! She loves to feel him kick and even asked if she could pray for him the other day which made my heart so happy. She has definitely noticed my growing belly and has been reminding me how big it is lately.

Looking Forward: I am excited to get some cute little boy outfits together! Where is your favorite place to shop for boys? September will be here before I know it!

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Colossians 3:17 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


  1. I've been sharing similar experiences. I'm at 36 weeks and I know he's close to making his arrival. This pregnancy has been so different than with my daughter’s two years ago. I had no ms with her but plenty with this sweet boy. We've had a lot scary moments but God remains so faithful. I pray for your courage and peace as His plan is revealed. Remember there is no one else in this whole world that God would have chosen to be his parents. You are special and have been set apart. Here if you need anything :)

  2. Congratulations on your baby boy, Faith! You look adorable! You and your husband are so strong - hang in there and continue to lean on God for your strength.
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

  3. Congrats on your growing family! Hang in there!


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