Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 33 Pregnancy Update!

How Far Along? 33 Weeks
Weight: Of course the doctors can only guess based on their measurements, but it's looking like we have a big boy weighing nearly 5 pounds already! 
Heartbeat: 141

Health update: I shared a more recent health update in my post When God Knits, We Trust. At this point, it is a matter of waiting until our boy is born to see what health concerns there may be. He is still breech, unfortunately, so that may throw a wrench into my natural labor plans if he doesn't turn soon! I didn't realize that most babies turn head down by 28-30 weeks and by 32 weeks, they are usually in the position they will stay in for the rest of the pregnancy. My doctor may try to turn him at my next appointment, so we will see! Meanwhile, I have been doing some exercises and things to encourage this baby to get his head down!

Movement: Still feeling a lot of movement! His kicks are extremely painful as they are aimed towards some sensitive nerves in my legs and hips. His head is crowding in my ribs a bit which makes it hard to breathe sometimes so I'm hoping he gets in the proper position soon!

Morning Sickness: My nausea and fatigue has gotten progressively worse the past few weeks but I know that's to be expected in these final weeks! It's still manageable taking half of a Unisom tablet and b6 vitamin twice daily! 

Weight Gain: I have been gaining around a pound a week for the past few weeks totaling about 23 pounds now. I can definitely feel myself carrying the extra weight these days!

Clothes: I have been resorting to comfort over fashion these days which means I prefer dresses or longer tops with leggings! It's been such a different experience being pregnant in the summer this time around. I love not having to wear heavy jeans and make sweaters fit over my belly! I may not even have to get out my winter maternity clothes this time around if the weather stays as warm as it has been!

Best Moments: I love watching my belly move all over the place with this little guy's kicks, punches and hiccups. Since his legs are facing down, his kicks can hit some pretty sensitive nerves that send tingles down my legs, however. I'm not such a fan of those kicks! This pregnancy, I love that I can more easily tell where my baby is positioned, maybe because his head is always bulging out somewhere by my ribs. 

Hard moments: It's no secret that pregnancy is rough on my body. My ankles are starting to swell from the extra weight and I have to wear compression socks or an ace bandage around my right leg if I'm walking a lot because of my awful varicose veins. I seriously would take a picture, but it's so bad I don't even want to! It's hard, but I know it's but for a season and so so worth it in the end! 

Sleep: It's been up and down with sleep success lately. Some nights I have really bad insomnia and others I'm able to sleep just fine! That's pregnancy for you!

Miss Anything: I miss being able to physically play with my two year old. She wants to wrestle with me and play chase and I just don't have it in me! I will be excited to have my physical ability back in a few months!

Cravings: popcorn, fresh fruit, popsicles, ice cream

Aversions: Mexican spices, raw garlic and onion, and I found out the hard way that Mediterranean food makes me feel awful. 

Mood: Tired. I have been in the "nesting" phase where I want to get everything cleaned out and organized.. The problem is that I have absolutely no energy to accomplish anything! It's a frustrating combination!

What Big Sister Thinks: Yesterday, she was looking at the cute little yawning baby on the Pamper's newborn diapers box, and she said to me really excitedly "mom, I'm going to have one of those! I'm going to have a yawning baby brother." It was so sweet how excited she was! She has also been coloring him pictures and writing him letters and then asking me to put them in the mailbox for "bubby". I am glad that she is excited to love on her baby brother!

Looking Forward: Now I'm simply looking forward to holding my sweet baby boy! The last months of pregnancy are pretty uncomfortable and exhausting so I'm just counting down the weeks! I am also trying to get my hospital bags packed this week. Since little guy is in the breech position, we won't have time to spare if I go into early labor. Plus, it just feels nice to be prepared! If you have a post, or link to ideas for packing your hospital bag, I would love for you to share it below as well as any packing tips you want to add!
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  1. You would never know you were hiding a big baby in there! I'm only a week or two behind you and HUGE in comparison haha. You look fantastic Mama :)

  2. I love this update and the way you have things listed. I may have to do this with my pregnancy updates. So glad things are going well. You are almost there!! Oh, and your belly? Looks the size of MY belly. And I'm only 23 weeks! (of course, this is my 10th pregnancy and so I tend to pop out quicker and farther with each baby)

  3. So so cute!! You look amazing girl!

  4. What beautiful photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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