Friday, September 11, 2015

38 weeks and final pregnancy update!

With my C-section scheduled for next Friday the 18th, this will be my final update for you all!

How Far Along? 38 weeks
Weight: estimated about 8 pounds now but he will be measured this coming Monday again
Heartbeat: 139

Health update: We had some more good news at my last two appointments! Baby boy's kidney is still severely dilated but has come down another millimeter putting it at a 9 rather than a 10. Even though it's a baby step. it's a step in the right direction! We are praising the Lord for that progress and pray that it continues to go down once he is born. He will still be put on antibiotics at birth and will be seen by a urologist the first week to keep an eye on things. Thank you for praying with us!
His bowel is still echogenic and we have no idea why, so it will be great to have answers once he is born!

Our stubborn little guy is also still breech. His unnatural position has put me into prodromol labor for almost a week now. Never heard of it? I hadn't either until my doctor explained that sometimes it's the body's way of encouraging the baby to get in the right positions! It feels like labor with contractions a few minutes apart for hours but it doesn't progress. I will be the first to tell you that it is not fun! Every evening around 7 mine starts and keeps me awake until early morning before finally giving me some peace! The good (and painful) news is that baby now has a foot down in my pelvis which could give him an advantage in trying to turn or letting the doctor try to turn him. If he is still positioned that way this coming Monday, my doctor is going to attempt turning him on Tuesday which could potentially lead to labor or a c-section so stay tuned!

Either way, this is my last update as my doctor will not let me go past the 18th due to his kidney and bowel condition. So by next Friday I will be holding my sweet little miracle baby!

Movement: I definitely feel that foot down in my pelvis where the head should be, and the head up in my ribs where the legs should be! I can assure you that it is not a great feeling! I do enjoy feeling him move and feeling his kicks and punches. He also gets the hiccups several times a day which is fun! Oh, and he is really jumpy, I mean really...any semi-loud noise makes him jump inside me. I never experienced that with my daughter so I'm curious to see if he is jumpy when he gets here as well!

Morning Sickness: I have had some severe nausea at times in correspondence with the contractions I've been having, otherwise it's been about the same!

Weight Gain: I've stayed about the same weight the past few weeks. I guess I'm burning all my extra calories with the extra weight I'm carrying around!

Clothes: I had some cute Fall maternity clothes I was looking forward to wearing in September, but we have had a heat wave and tank tops and shorts have still been the way to go for me! 

Best Moments: Getting another positive report from my doctor! My best friend also had her baby boy this week! Our boys will be just over a week apart which we think is awesome! And for the record, this was all God's plan, not ours!

Hard moments: Being in prodromol labor has been mentally and physically exhausting!

Sleep: Not much sleep happening here lately due to contractions and just being plain uncomfortable! I guess I'm being prepped to care for a newborn!

Miss Anything: Sleep and not being uncomfortable :)

Cravings: Berries, yogurt, smoothies, pancakes/waffles

Aversions: Mexican spices, raw garlic and onions

Mood: I'm back to being tired and having no energy! The house was clean and ready last week...this week not so much! We have been trying to make a lot of memories together in our last couple weeks as a family of 3. It's exciting to think about life as 4, but we also know it will be harder to get out and do things so we are making the most of the time we have now!

What Big Sister Thinks: She is excited and keeps asking when he is going to be here! She has been praying for him every night which just melts my heart. I love how much she cares about him even though she hasn't met him yet!

Looking forward: A lot is going to take place in the next week. It's crazy to think that I have less than a week left with this pregnancy! I know there will be tough decisions to be made as we decide whether or not to turn him or just go ahead with the c-section. We will also have a lot of initial medical decisions to make once he is born so prayers are appreciated for that as well! I am excited to see what the week holds, and even more excited to meet my son, an amazing gift and miracle from the Lord!

Just for a fun comparison, here is my 38 week photo with my daughter (first photo) and a similar pose with this baby boy (second photo)!

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  1. Hang in there and best of luck in the coming week.

  2. Oh my! That's a lot to deal with! I'm glad to see your happy smiles through it all. I'm sending a fervent prayer for you and baby! My weekend linky:

  3. Good luck! (But you don't look like you're about to pop - you look like a cute pregnant lady who isn't near miserable enough yet!)

  4. So much in the last few weeks of pregnancy - hang in there mama! For all the discomfort, your pictures look great.

  5. Wow, congrats! I have been MIA in blogland lately. Good luck with your delivery!


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